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[Yihe doors and windows] with the continuous deepening of the Internet and the continuous improvement of technology, e-commerce has helped promote the informatization construction of all walks of life. As an emerging trend industry, e-commerce is a new force for the aluminum door industry to "disrupt the situation", and its development momentum is fierce. Therefore, at the moment when the e-commerce horn is sounded, aluminum door enterprises do not need to respond, and should actively carry out actions

demand generates e-commerce

as people begin to pursue something materially and spiritually, it directly involved many aluminum enterprises in a long-distance war. In this process, many enterprises tried to gain their own position in this competition. Therefore, in the new market, aluminum door enterprises not only need to have keen market insight, but also need to conduct in-depth market research, but also need to always maintain a positive learning attitude towards emerging media, so as to stably grasp the changing demand situation

channel integration

aluminum door enterprises should apply the advantages of e-commerce, let offline channels be experience stores, and graft the Internet o2o form into the traditional enterprise marketing form, which is the same as the sufficiency of offline channels, so that o2o can be implemented. In addition, in addition to the innovative design based on life, the property reorganization of aluminum door is also being led by the new tide. The leading aluminum door enterprises are deeply integrating production and channel services through informatization and high technology, and completing structural and governance changes, laying the foundation for the beginning of the transformation from manufacturing to business

in the face of the war of e-commerce, aluminum door enterprises must seize the opportunity, actively formulate a comprehensive and stable action plan, and quickly seize new market share

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