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If you want to be a restaurant, you must not miss the following practical and beautiful restaurant designs in different styles.

all say that love and food should not be let down, but if there is no good restaurant, is it not to live up to the hard-made food

especially when you can't help but take photos of the good food and send it to your circle of friends, when you go into the mirror with a fashionable, neat and beautiful restaurant, it shows a romantic and emotional life, and everyone will only praise and envy you

so if you want to be a restaurant, you must not miss the following practical and beautiful restaurant designs in different styles:

minimalist and light luxury style:

follow the minimalist design concept, and create the greatest comfort with simple shapes, elegant and smooth lines and the basic color system of black, white and gray. Although the overall design is simple, it does not lose artistic color. It is rich in design or philosophy, but it is not exaggerated. It pursues a relaxed, comfortable, fashionable and high-quality life, and is highly respected by more and more young people who pursue exquisite life and pay attention to fashion trends

Stanley home New York Times restaurant series, which has insight into the fashion and artistic inspiration in life, combines with modern aesthetics, and outlines the pure and beautiful dining space with minimalist lines, especially the use of metal frames, glass and black elements, can best reflect the minimalist decorative style

the dining and wine cabinet is designed in one, with simple shape. The cloud white flowing water pattern door plate is matched with the style log color cabinet, showing a gentle and soothing atmosphere; Vogue gro glass door, through the refraction of material, creates a modern fashion sense of openness, transparency and elegance for the space

Bauhaus series dining and wine cabinet, with the perfect collision of phantom wire drawing + peacock blue, coupled with glass, black sandblasted metal frame and slender handle, gives people a avant-garde, fashionable and unrestrained feeling; LED light design is also a highlight, which has both lighting and decorative effects, making the atmosphere of the whole restaurant more romantic and emotional

modern American style:

Modern American style is the product of the development trend of the times. It simplifies some relatively complex and cumbersome elements of the traditional American style, but maintains the original smooth radians and lines, and emphasizes simple, clear, elegant and appropriate decoration. Compared with traditional American style, modern American style is more colorful, younger and inclusive

fitillo series is a set of classic works designed by Stanley home design team based on American humanistic habits and artistic style. The designer combines the architectural concepts of the White House and the Capitol building of the United States, and uses rough lines, the hierarchical concept of the five fold structure, and the three-dimensional prominent cornice structure to comprehensively display the atmosphere of American culture, calm, low-key and luxurious. It is a representative work of modern American style

if there is a fitillo dining wine cabinet at home, it is quite high-end and magnificent. And considering the practicality, we will combine the design of the dining and wine cabinet, upgrade the function, and upgrade the taste

Simple European style:

Simple European style is a simplified European style of decoration, and it is also the most popular style of residential villa decoration at present. The simple European style is more practical and diversified. Simple European style, beautiful shape, simple and elegant lines, practical functions, environmental protection and close to nature

the functional design of the dining side cabinet and wine cabinet greatly meets people's pursuit of quality life; The designer is also very attentive in color matching. The warm white door panel with glass design not only makes the restaurant look transparent and bright, but also makes people feel clean and generous; Qiao elm color cabinet makes the space full of natural freshness; Matching with European style curtains and crystal chandeliers, it shows the warm and comfortable life of residents

the design of warm white dining and wine cabinet + transparent glass door not only has strong storage, but also can broaden the visual space. The use of arch lines makes the restaurant more elegant and generous

modern simple style:

the lines are simple and smooth, the decorative elements are few, the functional design is emphasized, the color contrast is strong, and some soft fitting is needed to show the aesthetic feeling

the restaurant is simple and generous, with large floor to ceiling windows to ensure sufficient indoor lighting and create a warm and pleasant dining environment; The collocation of warm white and log color is fresh and concise, coupled with the collocation of wine and gray cloth seats, the whole space has great taste and style

modern Coro series dining and wine cabinets, with plastic door panels, highlight the beauty of space levels; Simple lines with elegant colors, clean and bright; The combination of wine rack, laminate and LED lamp upgrades the practicality and decoration of the space

New Chinese style:

New Chinese style is the interpretation of the cultural significance of Chinese traditional style in the current era, and it is a contemporary design based on a full understanding of Chinese contemporary culture. It is not a pile of pure Chinese elements, but through the understanding of traditional culture, it combines modern elements and traditional elements to create things full of traditional charm with the aesthetic needs of modern people. The new Chinese style furniture is more concise and elegant in form, while breaking the traditional Chinese spatial layout of cultural ideas such as hierarchy, dignity and inferiority, and the spatial color matching is also more relaxed and natural

Stanley home Zen series restaurants in the United States, whether it is the design of wine cabinets, the collocation of lamps, the choice of tables and chairs, decorations, and decorations, all appear very elegant and simple. Coupled with the use of red cherry hue, the space is full of Chinese charm

Mediterranean style:

its biggest feature is that it uses simple and natural materials, distinctive colors with regional and national characteristics, unique jewelry and furniture, as well as ancient and mysterious Persian sentiment to outline a pure, free, cordial, simple and romantic natural style. In terms of color selection, generally choose soft colors that are close to nature, and mostly use blue and white tones; In the combination design, pay attention to the space collocation, make full use of every inch of space, and do not show cramped, do not lose atmosphere, and liberate the open free space; Applying ocean elements to home design gives people a natural and romantic feeling; In modeling, arches and semi arches are widely used, giving people an extended sense of perspective. Its unique Roman column like decorative lines are simple and lively, revealing the ancient civilization of the Mediterranean

the blue and white stripe elements of the restaurant are simple and fashionable, full of ocean flavor, breaking the dull feeling of space; The laminate + vertical shutter cover door design constitutes the display and storage area of the restaurant

pastoral style:

pastoral style advocates leisure in life, advocates nature, emphasizes spacious indoor space, transparent inside and outside, introduces natural light to the greatest extent, and takes into account the details of items actually used in life. The colors are mainly light colors: white, beige, light wood, etc; In terms of materials, natural elements, such as wood, rattan, soft and plain linen products, etc; Cloth art, flowers, rocking chairs, small rags, wild flower potted plants, wheat grass, fruits, disks, iron products, grille glass, etc. are all commonly used decorative items in pastoral style

the design of the restaurant is fresh and simple, with a built-in laminate in the sideboard, and the partition storage of tableware, dishes, wine glasses and wine is more reasonable. The wall card seat design can not only supplement the storage, but also serve as a dining chair. Fully integrate functions in a limited space, practical and beautiful; The light blue hue of walls, tables and chairs adds a little coolness to the hot summer, and the feeling of heat will also tend to be calm

classical American style:

abandon the complicated decoration in the Rococo style period, pursue the beauty of simplicity and nature, while retaining the line outline characteristics of American furniture, and emphasize the comfort and sense of the times of furniture in style and details. While paying attention to the decorative effect, it restores the classical temperament with modern techniques and materials.; The perfect combination of classical and modern also gives people spiritual comfort while enjoying material civilization

Stanley home Manhattan series of dining and wine cabinets, gold tracing process plus secondary aging process, classic atmosphere; With transparent glass, the bright mirror is beautiful and clear at a glance; Open the cabinet to store wine, which is more convenient to access





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