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It is only a matter of time before the UAV can be perfected to justify the black technology. As early as sixorseven years ago, UAV only existed as a concept. At that time, the technical level and expensive cost limited the development of UAV. Only the suspension equipment and the camera cost tens of thousands of yuan. At the same time, it also provides a variety of equipment information. The products manufactured are also limited by various aspects. However, since 2014, with the development of UAV technology at home and abroad, a large number of UAV companies have sprung up in security exhibitions around the world. At that time, UAV technology began to enter the people's vision

with the development of science and technology, UAVs are used for many purposes. The mainstream market is occupied by UAV aerial photography applications. UAV aerial photography has a wide range of applications, including film and television aerial photography, wedding aerial photography, activities and celebrations, advertising, archaeological excavation, agriculture, forestry and plant protection, remote sensing mapping, geographical exploration, power patrol inspection, traffic observation and many other aspects. With the diversification of film and television aesthetic standards and the rapid development of film production technology, aerial photography technology using unconventional perspective has gradually come into the public view. However, wedding aerial photography, event celebration and advertising, which must block the brake handle, can obtain a better perspective and better shooting effect when using aerial photography technology. The main reason why UAV can become a new force in these industries is that it has strong mobility, simple operation and low cost

in addition to these common applications in daily life, UAV is also an indispensable part of security. Its high mobility and easy operation can help people detect and monitor complex terrain. It not only improves the work efficiency, but also saves a lot of manpower

at the same time, a series of problems such as privacy disclosure and black flying have emerged day by day. However, in my opinion, the fundamental reason why any technology can survive and develop rapidly must be that the advantages Obviously outweigh the disadvantages. We encourage the development of domestic UAV technology as an emerging technology, and hope that the whole industry and relevant regulatory authorities can strengthen the supervision of UAV. Only by combining scientific and technological development with industry supervision can we truly make UAVs fly into thousands of households

more than two months ago, the Chinese people set the content of Mo at 2% in the experiment. The Aviation Administration issued the regulations on the registration of civil unmanned aerial vehicles under the real name system. The regulations stated that from June 1, 2017, civil unmanned aerial vehicles with a maximum takeoff weight of more than 250 grams began to implement real name registration. Individuals who have purchased UAVs need to complete the registration before august31,2017. If they fail to register within the time limit, their behavior will be regarded as illegal behavior in violation of laws and regulations, and the use of UAVs will also be affected

however, after the real name registration system was launched and tested by various media, it was soon exposed that there was a vulnerability that could not verify the authenticity of the filled content

nevertheless, the Civil Aviation Administration also stated that it would continue to improve the existing system and strive to cooperate with the public security department to promote the practical implementation of real name authentication. For the process of UAV supervision in China, the UAV real name system is just beginning. Just like any new thing, it needs time to improve gradually

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