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Excerpt from deliberation: it is necessary to formulate the urban and rural planning law. The 27th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress deliberated the urban and rural planning law of the people's Republic of China (Draft) in groups. The excerpt of the speech is as follows:

Vice Chairman Lu Yongxiang said that it is very important to formulate the urban and rural planning law. With the rapid development of urbanization in China, it is particularly urgent and timely to adjust the orderly, healthy and sustainable development of cities and towns with laws and regulations for the full implementation of the scientific concept of development and the construction of a harmonious society. The draft urban and rural planning law is generally good, comprehensive, systematic, in line with the law, and in line with China's national conditions and reality

committee member yerutang said that the draft urban and rural planning law is feasible in general, and I hope to speed up the promulgation of this law. Although the current urban planning law and the regulations on the construction of villages and towns have played a positive role, they have not adapted to the changes of the situation. It is timely and necessary to formulate a new urban and rural planning law. On the basis of summing up the experience and lessons learned in the urbanization development process over the past two decades, the draft clearly stipulates the various links in the preparation, approval and implementation of urban and rural planning, and sets up a special chapter on supervision and inspection, which can enhance the seriousness and binding force of this important law. Both inheritance and improvement are worth affirming. At the same time, I agree with the revision suggestions and suggestions put forward in the deliberation opinions of the financial and Economic Commission

member niyuefeng said that in order to review the draft urban and rural planning law, the environment and resources supervision and Administration Commission specially organized research in Beijing, Hainan and other places. According to the investigation, since the implementation of the urban planning law on April 1st, 1990, it has played an important role in the rational formulation of urban planning and urban construction to meet the needs of socialist modernization. However, with the rapid development of economy and society, the inadequacy of urban planning law has increasingly emerged. Mainly in several aspects. First, urban and rural management. According to the current methods, the planning of cities and villages and towns is managed by the urban planning law and the regulations on the planning and construction of village market towns, which has resulted in the continuous expansion of the differences between urban and rural areas, and the increasingly obvious urban-rural dualization. Second, the current planning law and regulations lack planning management and illegal administrative punishment measures. In particular, some local governments do not fully understand the seriousness of the planning, and often adjust the planning at will and approve construction projects in violation of the planning. Third, the connection between various plans is insufficient, and the planning is not scientific enough. From the survey, the formulation of the urban and rural planning law is of great significance for giving full play to the important role of urban and rural planning in the overall planning of urban and rural construction and development, so I am very in favor of the formulation of the urban and rural planning law

committee member Wang Tao said, I think the promulgation of the urban and rural planning law is very important, because there are many problems in urban and rural construction. One is the unlimited expansion of large cities without considering the bearing capacity of resources and the capacity of the environment. If cities such as Beijing and Shanghai want to become international metropolises, other provincial capitals also have corresponding goals and need to develop greatly. The other is that the urbanization era is coming. How to develop in the future is indeed a problem. Under such circumstances, it is very necessary to issue the urban and rural planning law, which can promote the coordinated development of society, economy, resources and environment. Yesterday, Minister Wang gave a comprehensive explanation to the draft law. I think the draft law is relatively comprehensive in general. From the general principles to the formulation of the plan, it closely revolves around planning, formulation, implementation, revision, supervision and inspection and laws. There are more than 70 articles in 7 chapters. In general, it still helps customers to design the urban and rural planning in a faster and more cost-effective way The development and production of better assaying experimental machines are included

member huxiansheng said that it is very necessary to formulate a relatively complete urban and rural planning law, especially when the pace of urbanization is accelerated and the construction of a new socialist countryside is generally carried out, which mainly shows that it is particularly important to formulate this law while European and American instrument enterprises stop layoffs. It not only helps to promote the construction, management and development of urban and rural economy and society, but also plays an effective role in curbing the disorderly state of disorderly construction and construction in urban and rural construction and the phenomenon that some places follow their own inclinations, make changes day and night, and even replace laws with words. The Ministry of construction carefully analyzed the outstanding problems existing in urban and rural construction and put forward the draft for deliberation of the urban and rural planning law on the basis of a careful review of the experience in implementing the urban planning law and the regulations on the management of village and grass-roots planning and Construction issued by the State Council over the past decade. This manuscript has a clear guiding ideology, full and accurate content, clear organization, strong pertinence, and certain operability. It is a good manuscript

member lichunting said that the promulgation of the urban and rural planning law is a major event. In the process of China's socialist modernization drive, building a harmonious society needs a law to guide it. Therefore, the promulgation of this law is of great significance. In the description of this law, the guiding principles of planning, the scope of application and the formulation and implementation of this law are clearly stipulated. I think it is basically feasible

Member Congbin said that first of all, he agreed to submit the draft law to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress for discussion. After this law is passed, it will play a key role in our country's economic construction and social development. I think it has three meanings: first, in terms of urban and rural planning and construction, it is a major measure to comprehensively implement the scientific concept of development. Second, if the urban and rural planning law is legislated scientifically and timely, it will be the beginning of our diligent and thrifty construction. Over the past 20 years since China's reform and opening-up, the waste of capital construction has been quite serious. Every city has such a situation as not being diligent and thrifty, not planning and not occupying arable land. Therefore, this law must be formulated on the basis of the principle of thrift. Third, it is also an important legal measure to curb corruption. The surplus materials in the machine head are sorted out with steel laws and steel sheets. The main reason why some government officials are corrupt is that there is no clear planning system to restrain them. They collude with real estate developers to see which piece of land is good and the building can make money. Then, people have to move, causing some vicious events to occur continuously. The main reason is that there is too much randomness and there is no systematic planning. If this law is seriously discussed and amended, it should be able to limit such phenomena after promulgation

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