It is planned to build a special material trading

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Shahe plans to build a special material trading center based on glass to help achieve "zero inventory of political leaders generally recognized and respected by people of different factions"

recently, Shahe mayor liuguofang and his delegation visited the south rare and precious metals exchange. The trading mode of the exchange is the securitization of rare and precious metals, which is similar to stock trading, and can help manufacturers achieve "zero inventory"

strengthening cooperation between the two sides, exploring and using the operation mode of the exchange for reference, establishing a glass trading center to serve the Shahe glass industry is one of the purposes of the delegation led by Secretary liuguofang. Elimination method during the period: take out the plunger and polish it again. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on how to make use of the advantages of Shahe glass industry agglomeration and the large volume of glass transactions, focusing on the establishment of online and offline financial support, warehousing and logistics integration, transaction intensive interconnection + management, IOT supply chain integrated service, etc

liuguofang said that we should base ourselves on Shahe and face the whole country, promote the construction of glass trading center with a strategic vision, and truly create a complete glass industry chain combining online and offline through the development of "Internet + platform"

liuguofang said that he would strengthen communication and docking with the south rare and precious metals exchange, strengthen analysis and research, formulate implementation plans as soon as possible, strive to be listed and put into operation in May, strive to build a national first-class special material trading center focusing on glass with good safety for many products, and comprehensively improve the competitiveness and influence of Shahe glass. The original simulation controller can no longer meet the needs

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