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Food and Drug Administration: drug labels, instructions and packages are not allowed to be replaced or damaged and must be taken back.

on the morning of November 6, the State Food and Drug Administration held a regular press conference in November. Yanjiangying, spokesman of the State Food and drug administration, reported the phased conclusions of serious adverse events of Acanthopanax senticosus injection and further strengthened the management of ephedrine compound preparations at the meeting, that is to say, select the corresponding dial and pendulum contents, especially in China, and answer questions

Ciwujia injection, which is soaked in rain and has never been designated as a special material by Holland post, how should it be treated under normal circumstances? In response to the questions raised, yanjiangying said: it is not only the injections soaked in rain, but also any drug that may cause harm to the quality of the drug. Therefore, as a sales staff, they should return the injections soaked in rain to the drug manufacturer for destruction

Yan Jiangying pointed out that the drugs soaked in rain were not returned or destroyed, but the packaging labels and instructions were replaced, which is another big problem. In accordance with the provisions of the drug administration law, the drug label management regulations and the drug production quality management specifications (GMP), the labels, instructions and packaging of drugs are strictly required according to the industrial dispensing and upgrading plan (2016 (2) 020), and are absolutely not allowed to be replaced. After the drugs leave the factory, each label shall be strictly recorded, and the amount of use, distribution and recovery shall be recorded. If there are problems in the packaging, such as damage, these labels should be taken back, which is the most basic means and requirements to ensure the quality of drugs. (Wu Jing)

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