It is not difficult for coating enterprises to suc

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It is not difficult for coating enterprises to successfully attract investment in the April investment promotion season

it is not difficult for coating enterprises to successfully attract investment in the April investment promotion season

April 14, 2014

[China coating information] in April, more and more coating enterprises started the new year's investment promotion conference. Various investment promotion magic weapons were flying all over the sky, but they were like cannons hitting mosquitoes with little effect. Especially for small and medium-sized coating enterprises, their brand reputation is not obvious. Then, how to seize the first opportunity in the increasingly fierce market competition

first of all, why are most of today's investment promotion unsuccessful? Under the background that China has not yet formed a nationwide circulation system, recruiting dealers as a market tactic for coating enterprises to quickly build a market network, reduce marketing expenses, seize market share, improve business efficiency, optimize and reorganize internal and external resources has become an important marketing means of great concern to many coating enterprises, 60% of many foam materials used for paint vehicles are polyurethane materials. Enterprises have successfully completed their first marketing through investment invitation

the dynamic pendulum dynamometer is used for force measurement. However, in today's increasingly competitive paint market, with the adjustment of industry structure, the intensification of investment costs, and the rationality and pickiness of dealers, investment promotion marketing is facing unprecedented challenges. Many coating enterprises have tried their best to attract investment, but the result of investment promotion is either that enterprises spend money to buy, or that enterprises become wage earners of the media. The serious asymmetry between the cost input and the investment return, and the huge disparity between the payment of human and material resources and the actual return, have made many enterprises sigh with emotion: the more you recruit, the more you hurt

in fact, the fundamental reason why many coating enterprises fall into a dilemma in investment promotion is that they fail to grasp the investment promotion link in place or there are problems in link connection

how to achieve successful investment promotion and marketing should focus on six steps

step 1: define the positioning and planning first

when it comes to positioning, it means what kind of products to buy and who to sell to. For product investment, this is the premise and foundation for success. As far as coating products are concerned, a new and clear positioning should be made for the products according to the most basic elements such as product composition configuration, action mechanism, efficacy characteristics, applicable population and product production cost, in combination with the market environment and competitive product conditions, to summarize and refine the differentiated selling points and core demands different from similar products, and to clarify the price positioning and the target population of differentiation, as well as the most important product brand positioning, On this basis, guided by the market, design product packaging, publicity materials, advertising copy and advertising film that match the product positioning

it is obvious that after scientific and systematic market positioning, paint products have shown distinct personality. In the competitive environment of eyeball economy, the gorgeous coat and distinctive personality undoubtedly give the product a head start in the future in the face of competitive investment competition. Of course, what needs to be added here is the excellent quality of the product, which is the foundation and guarantee of the vitality of the product

step 2: model market exploration mode

there is no doubt that a good profit model is undoubtedly the core selling point that attracts agents most. However, at present, many coating enterprises do not even know what kind of market operation mode can be used to achieve the purpose of profit before product investment promotion, so they begin to blindly attract investment on a large scale. The results of this short-term operation for the purpose of money encircling can be imagined

with the intensification of homogeneous competition means in the coating industry and the growing maturity of agents, the profitable market operation mode has become an important consideration for agents

as an enterprise, in order to achieve successful investment in a real sense, after completing the market positioning of its products, it should first adjust its mentality and select a representative regional market for product trial marketing from the perspective of the long-term overall situation. In fact, smart people know that this approach has many benefits. On the one hand, we can explore and summarize a set of profitable models that can be copied through the operation of the model market, so as to provide convincing evidence and support for the investment promotion market of products; On the other hand, we can train a marketing team capable of fighting a tough battle for the enterprise through the operation of the model market, so as to reserve human resources for the later agent market operation; Secondly, through the actual operation of the market, we can also test and improve the early product positioning system, and provide valuable decision-making basis for the later formulation of reasonable investment policies; Finally, the success of the model market for those more powerful enterprises, in the later stage, they can adopt the marketing strategy of both self-control direct marketing market and investment promotion market, so as to maximize the initiative of the market and avoid the hidden risk of the overall investment promotion market

step 3: investment promotion policies are mutually beneficial and win-win

there is no sufficient profit space, and no matter how good the product is, it will not be recognized by the market. Therefore, the most important material attribute of investment attraction is high profit. Many enterprises' products have a good reputation and outstanding selling points, but their prices are very high. The profits left to agents are very low. There is no enough interest temptation. Even if you have a profitable operation mode for the best products, the enterprises can only entertain themselves in the end. This is also the main reason why the ultra-low price underwriting mode is popular in investment promotion marketing

in view of this, after the product has completed the market positioning and the exploration of the profitable model, it is crucial to formulate reasonable investment policies, including the qualification requirements for agents, the first batch of goods, the return and exchange mechanism, reasonable agency prices, rich profit space and appropriate rebate incentives, as well as the necessary market support provided by the headquarters. Therefore, in the process of investment promotion, coating enterprises should also make timely transposition thinking, and formulate reasonable policies in line with the actual market from the perspective of agents. Only in this way can a long-term cooperation pattern of mutual benefit and win-win be formed

step 4: investment promotion strategy resource integration

in terms of specific tactics, the means of investment promotion are nothing more than media advertising investment promotion, exhibition investment promotion, and enterprises' own investment promotion meetings. Many enterprises have tried the above means in investment promotion, but still failed to achieve the expected results, or even far from it. In fact, there are two reasons. First, there is no effective combination of the above-mentioned means. It is natural that the investment attraction effect of cumulative multiplication cannot be achieved only by the reincarnation of a single mode; Second, due to insufficient enterprise resources or the failure to effectively integrate internal and external resources of the enterprise, even if the combination method is used in the investment promotion strategy, the effect is greatly discounted

how to integrate the internal and external resources of the enterprise to improve the investment attraction effect? In addition to analyzing and summarizing the needs of coating enterprises themselves and being good at using them, it is also a way to learn from the outside brain. For example, seeking cooperation with some professional investment planning companies with rich resources and rich experience in investment promotion can not be said to be a way of pulling a thousand pounds

step 5: long-term coexistence of after-sales service

third rate enterprises sell products, second rate enterprises sell services, and first-rate enterprises sell standards. This is a development goal that many enterprises recognize and strive to achieve. Especially in today's highly homogeneous coating industry, the success of investment promotion and marketing is naturally inseparable from exquisite and thoughtful after-sales service. If we can't provide effective services and help to the agents, and the agents can't make profits, then the products sent by the enterprise are strictly the transfer of the product warehouse, which is a situation that no one wants to see

many coating enterprises achieved quite good results in the early stage of investment promotion due to their clear product market positioning, reasonable investment promotion policies and favorable investment promotion measures. Just as they were full of joy for making a lot of money, due to the negligence of after-sales service, the agents did not feel any attention from the headquarters. Some enterprises even ignored the agents after signing a contract in the field of intelligent cables Regardless of life or death, the agents complained that they had been cheated and returned the goods. As a great river and mountain built by the enterprise through thousands of efforts in the early stage, it collapsed in an instant. What a pity

how to provide supporting after-sales services after the successful investment promotion of products

first of all, we should ensure the smooth communication information chain and logistics distribution chain between the headquarters and the agents. Second, we should provide follow-up service. In combination with the characteristics of the agent market, the headquarters should have a dedicated team to provide follow-up service. In addition to fulfilling the commitments made during investment promotion, we should also provide timely and practical suggestions to the agents to truly help and solve the problems existing in the market. Only through such sincere and affectionate after-sales service, Only by truly helping the agents to make profits can we realize the long-term coexistence and win-win cooperation between the agents and the headquarters

step 6: strengthen the implementation of investment promotion team

as we all know, if good products and good strategies are not well implemented, their investment promotion results will naturally be doomed to failure. Such cases can be found everywhere in today's investment promotion marketing. It has become a thorny problem for many enterprises that the implementation can not be selected in place. In fact, the key to strengthening the implementation lies in how to build a collaborative marketing team

the scientific approach should put them into the actual operation of the model market, and carry out all-round practical training from the aspects of enterprise philosophy, product knowledge, understanding of market operation mode, consumer communication, negotiation skills, business etiquette, words and deeds, etc. The experienced team should require that everyone is an expert in product knowledge dissemination, an expert in market practice and an expert in the enterprise, and a mainstay loyal to the enterprise

of course, as a coating enterprise, how to stimulate the enthusiasm and internal potential of the investment promotion team to the greatest extent should be set up with stimulating and reasonable performance appraisal methods on the basis of reasonable business area planning. We should know that talents are always the superior resources that can not be copied by the enterprise. Mutual benefit, win-win and common development are the basis for cooperation between the enterprise and employees

in the face of the huge and complex market competition environment, less than 5% of the coating enterprises, especially the small and medium-sized coating enterprises, are really able to establish a market network. The vast majority of coating enterprises need to complete network construction, product sales and sustainable development through investment promotion and the strength of agents and dealers. How to achieve a successful investment marketing, I hope the above description can give some coating enterprises useful thinking

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