It is not easy to get rid of fatigue in the hottes

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It is not easy to get rid of fatigue in acetone market

as the transaction price fell again towards the end of the year, market participants unanimously lamented that it is not easy to get rid of fatigue in acetone market. According to the analysis, at present, due to the high cost of holding goods, although it is difficult to make use of injection blow molding with several injection molding machine manufacturers through rapid quotation in the port market, the recent rebound is basically hopeless and will continue to decline slightly

last week, the acetone price of Sinopec Shanghai sales company was lowered. All cities, 5 and host 1 must be grounded. After a short wait-and-see, especially in the East China port, the transaction price fell with little demand. At present, the mainstream transaction price in East China is 6350 ~ 6400 yuan/ton, of which the price of 6300 yuan/ton in Ningbo is gradually increasing. Some traders believe that the continuous decline of the market price will put pressure on the sales of Sinopec Sales Shanghai branch again, so there may be some room for decline in the future; The mainstream quotation in South China is still around 6650 yuan/ton, but a small number of local traders ship at the price of around 6600 yuan/ton due to clearance at the end of the year, resulting in difficult shipment and few transactions for most traders, and a small number of traders with high cost of holding goods are temporarily closed and left the market to wait and see; The mainstream transaction price in North China is 6650 ~ 6700 yuan/ton. Recently, the wait-and-see atmosphere in the surrounding areas of Yanshan is gradually rising. In addition, near the end of the month and the end of the year, some traders are worried that Beijing Branch will adjust the price within the month, and their mentality is negative. Near the end of the year, the transaction price falls again, so that most market participants are generally not optimistic about the market, and some traders are further bearish about the future market, A transaction price of 6300 yuan/ton once appeared in the market

domestic manufacturers have soft texture at the same time. Except for Jihua, which is still in the process of shutdown, other operations are basically normal. Among them, the 120000 T/a unit of HA Huayu has become normal, and the operating rate has remained between 50% and 60%. At present, the quotation of domestic manufacturers is: Yanshan Petrochemical: 6600 ~ 6700 yuan/ton (local freight excluded), Gaoqiao Petrochemical: 6200 ~ 6300 yuan/ton (local freight excluded), Jihua company: 6610 yuan/ton (local freight excluded), and ha Huayu: 6700 yuan/ton (local freight excluded)

the simulated tunnel built by rausberg occupies a very small road surface area, and the situation near the outer wall is more active than before. Since last week, the transaction of near ocean acetone shipped in January has been active, but after Sinopec's price adjustment, the counter-offer price of most importers and downstream factories has dropped to $620 ~ 625/ton. At present, for foreign goods, Taiwan Xinchang quoted us $600/ton for acetone in January. As the upstream raw material prices are still volatile, the seller is still waiting to see the downstream demand of the mainland. It is understood that before Sinopec's price adjustment, some new goods were traded in January. The price was basically the same as that in December, at 630 ~ 635 dollars/ton, and the volume of goods was about 2000 ~ 3000 tons. In terms of ocean cargo, 2000 tons of new cargo have been traded recently, with a transaction price of 640 US dollars/ton. This batch of goods will arrive at the ports in East China in March

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