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Hebei chapter of the national power reform Summary

(III) employees. Have 10 or more professionals, master the basic technology and economic professional knowledge of power system, have the ability of electric energy management, energy conservation management, demand side management, etc., and have more than three years of work experience

professional managers with at least one senior title and three intermediate titles

(IV) business premises and equipment. It shall have the information system and customer service platform required by the fixed business premises and the technical support system of the power market corresponding to the scale of power sales, and be able to meet the functions of quotation, information submission, contract signing, customer service, etc. participating in market transactions

(V) credit requirements. No bad credit record, and make credit commitments in accordance with the specified requirements to ensure honest and trustworthy operation

(VI) other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations

in addition to the above access conditions, power selling companies with distribution operation rights also need to have the following conditions: the registered capital of power selling companies with distribution operation rights is not less than 20% of their total assets

(II) obtain power business license (power supply) in accordance with relevant regulations

(III) increase the number of professional technicians, marketing personnel, financial personnel, etc. suitable for the power distribution business, no less than 20, including at least two professional managers with senior titles and five professional managers with intermediate titles

(IV) the person in charge of production and operation, the person in charge of technology and the person in charge of safety shall have more than five years of experience suitable for the power distribution business, and have intermediate and above professional and technical qualifications or post training certificates

(V) have a sound and effective safety production organization and system, carry out safety training in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and equip safety supervisors

(VI) have machines, equipment and maintenance personnel suitable for undertaking power distribution business. Those who entrust qualified loading (repair, test) teams to external parties shall be subject to supervision

(VII) have site equipment and personnel that match the distribution business and meet the requirements of dispatching standards

(VIII) promise to perform the obligations of universal service and minimum power supply service in the power society

power generation enterprises

1 Power generation enterprises with legal person status or authorized by legal person in the province, which meet the national capital construction approval procedures and obtain the power generation business license, and public thermal power generating units with a single unit capacity of 300000 kW and above; Units with a unit capacity of less than 300000 kW and meeting ultra-low emission standards and units outside the area will be opened to direct electricity trading in stages and batches. Encourage new energy power generation enterprises to participate in direct electricity trading

2. The environmental protection facilities have been put into operation normally, meeting the national environmental protection requirements and the ultra-low emission standard of Hebei Province. The monitoring information of relevant environmental protection facilities has been accessed to the power dispatching agency

3. Enterprises' own power plants and hydropower enterprises will not participate in direct transactions for the time being


large industrial users: non public welfare and non public utility industrial users with a reported installed capacity of 1000 KVA and above. General industrial and commercial users: the reported installed capacity in the pilot park is less than 1000 KVA

tips on power sales

Hebei Power Trading Center:

Hebei Power is divided into North and south parts. Hebei Power Company manages the south of Hebei, including Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Cangzhou, Xingtai, Handan and Hengshui. Beijing Tianjin Tangshan Electric Power Co., Ltd., also known as Beijing Tianjin Tangshan Electric Power Co., Ltd., is managed by North China Electric Power Co., Ltd. The office of Hebei electric power company is in Shijiazhuang, and the headquarters of North China electric power company is in Beijing

transaction mode

bilateral transactions and centralized matchmaking transactions

transaction electricity price

2017-2019 Hebei Provincial Electrotechnical commercial and other power transmission and distribution electricity price table

electricity price in the south of Hebei Province

electricity price in the north of Hebei Province

sales price in the north of Hebei Province

sales price in the south of Hebei Province

contract template

1. Power sales company and power user entrusted agent transaction agreement

2.The The market-oriented transaction contract between the power selling company and the power generation enterprise

3, the tripartite transmission and distribution service contract between the power selling company, the power generation enterprise and the power enterprise

4, the tripartite retail power supply and consumption contract between the power selling company, the power user and the power enterprise

tips: please download the contract in the member download

transaction rules

are analytical instruments, experimental machines, optical instruments, surveying and mapping instruments, etc.

centralized matchmaking transactions: power enterprises and power users quote through the power trading platform, adopt the marginal clearing mode to make a deal, sign a contract and organize the implementation after safety verification by the control center

marginal clearing refers to that power users and power generation enterprises declare directly traded electricity and electricity prices respectively through the power trading platform. The power trading platform sorts the declared prices of power generation enterprises and power users respectively. The declared electricity prices of power users are from high to low, and the declared electricity prices of power generation enterprises are from low to high. When the prices are the same, they are sorted according to the user's voltage level from high to low, and the declaration time, and the price difference between the two sides is matched from large to small, When the price difference between the matched purchase and sale of electricity is greater than or equal to zero or reaches the scale of total trading electricity, the corresponding electricity transactions between the two parties. The price difference is shared equally by the power users and the power generation enterprises, and the transaction price of the last pair is the clearing price

settlement rules

the principle of transaction settlement is "monthly settlement, annual settlement". When the deviation between the actual electricity quantity and the contracted electricity quantity in the direct electricity transaction exceeds ± 5%, the remaining and insufficient electricity shall be sold to the electricity enterprise

deviation assessment

1. For the part where the actual power consumption of power users exceeds 105% of the monthly planned power consumption, the power purchase price shall be implemented according to the catalog electricity price

2 there is a transition from glass state to high elastic state, and the actual electricity consumption of power users is lower than 95% of the monthly planned electricity consumption. Therefore, the excess electricity generated by power generation enterprises is implemented according to the upper electricity price approved by the government

3. Annual deviation: if the contract breached electricity is caused by the power generation enterprise, the power generation enterprise shall compensate the user by 50% of the electricity charge of the deviation part; If it is caused by the user, the user shall compensate the power generation enterprise by 50% of the electricity 99 felt tile fee of the deviation part. For the deviation of power generation and utilization caused by force majeure and policy reasons, the mutual compensation shall be negotiated and agreed in the contract signed by both parties

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