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Hebei Airlines Jiying customer service: serve every passenger with a smiling voice

Hello, Hebei airlines, what can I do for you? This is the most frequently repeated sentence of Hebei airlines customer service center. The customer service center receives thousands of links every day, and the peak season will double. In order to ensure skilled business skills and high-quality service quality, Hebei aviation marketing department has made great efforts in customer service and strong management

attach importance to quality construction and shape customer service soft culture

customer service staff in the marketing department serve hundreds of customers every day, and the emotional changes of customer service representatives are always reflected in the tens of millions of curve voices

in order to strengthen the voice emotion management of customer service, the internal quality inspection of the marketing department has set up special promotion counseling for customer service psychological counseling, service improvement and passenger communication, and reminded employees of the advantages and concerns in the recording, so as to convey more affirmation and encouragement, so as to achieve both daily counseling and one-on-one emotional counseling. At the same time, the marketing department makes full use of the advantages of grading inspection. The anchor chain tension tester mainly detects the tensile properties, tensile strength, yield strength and other experiments of metal materials such as anchor chain, anchor cable, marine anchor chain, cast steel anchor chain, and establishes a green link of communication with front-line telephone operators. Through detailed communication after quality inspection scoring, the monthly team leader communication meeting mainly tracks and analyzes the situation of employees, Make suggestions for the focus of the next month, summarize, summarize and analyze the service highlights and service difficulties summarized in daily work, establish a hot business service quality early warning system, and innovate the "two investment": that is, to increase R & D investment and talent investment for employee sentiment guidance

it is 96699's eternal pursuit to convey true feelings with the extension of radio waves and conquer the world with the smile of sound. Customer service is based on the principle that as long as you bring your headset, you should throw away all distractions and keep energetic and happy to pour your feelings and complete every pass

pay attention to personnel training and strengthen safety education

in view of the introduction of new employees this year, the marketing department carried out a step-by-step training plan, combining theory with practice to achieve rapid and steady improvement of new staff skills; Reasonably arrange customer service scheduling in combination with the flight schedule, and focus on safety precautions and security preparations under extreme weather according to the characteristics of winter operations; Through the organization of centralized learning, case analysis meetings and other forms, new employees can strengthen the learning of business skills, firmly establish the awareness of safety service, and deeply realize the importance of safety

the customer service center of the marketing department has created a learning atmosphere, and the daily evaluation and learning system, such as regular meetings on duty, group meetings, pre shift and post shift meetings, has taken shape. Tickets are complex, there are many new people, and technical backbones and senior salesmen take the initiative to carry out the work of passing on, helping and leading. The comprehensive quality of customer service has been greatly improved. More and more passengers express their gratitude for the high-quality service of Hebei airlines

establish the awareness of manuals and optimize the service process

in customer service, at the same time, the interface on the controller must maintain an accurate and corresponding state when it is used. 1. Further sort out the company's complaint handling process, optimize the front and back office responsibilities, ensure that complaints are handled in a timely manner through work order management, smooth the complaint handling procedures, and effectively solve practical problems in work. In view of the errors and non-standard services in the work, the customer service center follows the management and control ideas of controlling fluctuations, finding causes, proposing measures and looking at results, timely carries out analysis and summary, finds improvement methods, optimizes processes, writes into the manual, keeps the manual updated in real time, and truly realizes the manual to guide daily work. Strengthen cooperation between posts, increase reminders and handover links, strengthen personnel training, implement the concept of sincere service, and comprehensively optimize the service guarantee process

the customer service of the marketing department served every passenger with a smiling voice, and better completed the tasks of winter and spring flight season change and fog, and haze brought abnormal flights. The mission of flight safety and sincere service to passengers is always on the road, and it is always the unremitting pursuit of every Hebei airline

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