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Hebei Handan Market Supervision Bureau carried out special rectification of food related products

release date: Source: China food safety

further strengthened the supervision of food related product production enterprises. On March 11, Handan Market Supervision Bureau issued the "special rectification plan of food related products in Handan City", and decided to organize and carry out special rectification of food related products for a period of 8 months from now

the special rectification action is divided into three stages: mobilization and deployment, organization and implementation, and summary and improvement. The focus and scope of the rectification are: focus on the special rectification of regional products, aiming at the migration and permeability quality and safety problems of harmful substances in high-risk food contact materials such as plastic products and paper products, focus on key areas and products with low quality level and many quality and safety problems, and focus on plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic In Fengfeng mining area, ceramics and other food related products are concentrated in areas to carry out remediation. All counties (cities, districts) determine the scope of remediation, formulate plans, clarify the key points and methods and steps, and submit them to the Municipal Bureau for filing according to the actual regional products and regulatory work within their jurisdiction; Strengthen the supervision of non administrative licensed food related product production enterprises, and take the quality violations such as production enterprises without product standards, illegal use of unqualified raw and auxiliary materials, nonstandard labels and identifications, lax process control, total migration volume and monomer specific migration volume items do not meet the mandatory standards as the key targets for remediation, severely crack down on the use of medical machinery and electrical equipment, and adopt analog signal control. Objectively speaking, waste The production and processing of food related products with recycled materials as raw and auxiliary materials

rectification objectives and tasks: thoroughly find out the number of food related product manufacturers, establish and improve product quality supervision archives, and actively explore the implementation of supervision by classification. Strictly implement the main body of production enterprises, rectify the existing potential risks on the basis of comprehensive self-examination of enterprises, and urge enterprises to produce and operate in accordance with laws and regulations. Strengthen supervision and random inspection, take paper packaging for food, plastic packaging products for food and detergent for food as the key objects of supervision and random inspection, and deal with unqualified enterprises in random inspection according to law. Implement the daily supervision and inspection system, ensure the full coverage of supervision and inspection, gradually establish the credit files of production enterprises, and promote the legitimate and honest production and operation of production enterprises. Severely crack down on the illegal acts of manufacturing and selling fake and shoddy products, and severely investigate and deal with the illegal acts of manufacturing and selling "three noes" (NO production date, no factory name and address, no product quality certificate) products and the existence of Jerry built, shoddy, fake and shoddy products according to law; Those suspected of committing crimes shall be transferred to the judicial department according to law, forming an atmosphere of strong deterrence and severe punishment. Focusing on the problems of supervision, random inspection and risk monitoring, enterprises should strengthen post-processing, actively establish a traceability system for food related products, urge enterprises to strictly implement the requirements of raw and auxiliary materials purchase acceptance system, sales account recording system, key control point management system and ex factory inspection system, establish and improve the quality and safety traceability system, and ensure that the source of raw materials can be checked, the flow direction of finished products can be traced, and the product quality can be determined, We will resolutely prevent unqualified or counterfeit products from entering the market. Explore the establishment of regional product supervision system, determine the supervision frequency according to the risk degree of products, and gradually establish and improve the regional product quality and safety supervision system focusing on supervision and random inspection, supervision and inspection, quality analysis, risk prevention and control, and policy and regulation training, "Ma Zhanfeng said. Guiding enterprises to adopt advanced quality management mode is one of the first batch of strategic emerging industries (copper based new materials) gathering development bases in Anhui Province. Actively guide, support and promote enterprises to adopt advanced quality management mode, effectively prevent product quality and health risks of employees, and constantly improve the market competitiveness of food related products

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