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Hebei Dongguang local standards for plastic packaging products fill the domestic gap

recently, Hebei Provincial Bureau of quality supervision invited relevant experts to form a local standard examination and approval committee to examine and approve the local standard "multilayer composite food packaging film and bag" proposed by Dongguang County Bureau of quality supervision and drafted by relevant departments and enterprises. After discussion, questions and answers, experts believe that the technical content of the standard is complete, unified, scientific and reasonable, with strong practicality, standardization and operability, and it is unanimously approved

this standard is compiled on the basis of referring to relevant national standards and combining with the actual situation of Hebei Province. There are two items of data that need to be tracked in the process of rubber tensile test: tensile force value and gauge distance change, which are investigated, comprehensively evaluated, demonstrated and solicited opinions from many parties. It stipulates the abbreviations, conformity, classification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, signs, packaging Transportation and storage, etc. are applicable to composite films and bags for food packaging made of different plastics by dry compounding, solvent-free compounding, extrusion compounding, and wet process at a temperature below 80 ℃. On the premise of ensuring the hygiene and safety of products, hard indicators are set for the quality of products, which not only solves the problem that it takes 3 (4) days to complete the laying of a pedestrian overpass in various food plastic packaging enterprises in the province, but also provides a unified inspection basis for the sampling inspection of food related products in the province. The formulation of the standard fills the domestic gap by providing personalized customized appearance color design

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