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Hebei cangshun company has become the largest beer bottle manufacturer in China. Recently, the fifth phase of cangshun beer bottle project with an investment of 200million yuan started construction in Huai Town, Xian County, Hebei Province Stay away from large or heavy equipment. It is reported that after being put into operation, cangshun company of Hebei Rixin group will become the top five in the national beer bottle production industry in terms of output and the largest single factory. Has the test machine been used for a long time and failed? Enterprise

according to the introduction, the fifth phase of the project, which is started this time, has a total construction investment of 50million yuan and an annual production capacity of 70000 tons. The bottle making equipment is one domestic leading double drop eight group bottle making machine and two single drop eight group bottle making machines. After the Fifth Workshop is completed and put into operation, the total assets of the company will reach 200million yuan, the annual production capacity will reach 230000 tons, the annual GDP will reach 300million yuan, and the annual tax revenue will exceed 20million yuan

source of information: Huaxia wine daily

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