Heating power scheme in the hottest winter

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Winter heating electricity scheme

I. site overview

the Red Cross comprehensive building residential building project is located in Shiji 4th Road, Jinqiao Development Zone, Hohhot, and is invested and constructed by zhaochen Engineering Co., Ltd. The building area is 33500 M2, is a frame structure, including two floors underground and six floors above the ground, with a building height of 24 meters. The second floor underground is the garage and equipment room; The first layer is the reception area, academic area, laboratory and equipment management room coated with a layer of hydrophobic film on the glass surface; The second floor is for office and laboratory; The third to sixth floors are office buildings; Above the sixth floor is the equipment room. Just press the button once for construction. The west side of the site is close to Wangjing outer ring road. The site is relatively large, and the consumption of electrical equipment and lines will be relatively large, as well as the workload of cable laying and trenching. This project is the image project and civilized construction site of the four companies, and the requirements in all aspects will be relatively high

according to the actual situation of the site and the power load provided by the construction unit, the project department plans to use electric heating for the winter heating of the workers' dormitory on the site, but the use of electric heating has relatively high requirements for the safe use of electricity, and it will be difficult for workers to operate. Therefore, the project department has formulated relevant rules and regulations and operating procedures to ensure the safety of temporary electricity. According to the actual situation, a comprehensive and feasible power consumption scheme has been formulated

II. Setting of distribution box and line direction

1. The use of electric heating in winter has been considered when formulating the temporary power construction scheme, so the configuration of distribution box in B10 workers' dormitory and vv*95+2*50 cable are configured according to the maximum load, which can meet the needs of electricity consumption in the dormitory. See load calculation for details

2. Yjv5 25 is used for the line from the switch box to the dormitory. Plastic trunking is used in the dormitory to lay along the wall and in the middle of the room. Each dormitory is equipped with a socket, which adopts a safe three eye socket, with an elevation of 1200mm from the ground, which is less than 1500mm of the length of the electric heating power line

the rated current of the leakage protector configured in the box is 100A, the rated action current is 15mA, and the rated leakage action time is less than 0.1s, which meets the relevant provisions of temporary power safety production

III. equipment list

. List of electrical equipment:

IV. load calculation

1. According to the power of each electric heater of 2kW, there are 58 sets in total, Σ pe=116kw, un=380v, kx=0.8, cos ¢ =0.6,

pjs=kx Σ pe=116 0.8=92.8kw

ijs= pjs/√ 3 UN cos ¢ =92.8 (1.732 0.38 0.6) =235a

the calculated current is 235A, so a circuit of vv22395 is allocated from the A1 cabinet in the distribution room.+2 50 (the current carrying capacity is 234A according to the table) the cable is buried and laid to B10, which can meet the needs of all electric heating loads

2. Each row of dormitories (including 10 dormitories) has 10 electric heaters,

∑ pe=20kw, un=380v, kx=0.8, cos ¢ =0.6,

pjs=kx ∑ pe=20 0.8=16kw

ijs= pjs/√ 3 UN cos ¢ =16 (1.732 0.38 0.6) =40.6a

five way yjv-3*25 are distributed from the three-level distribution box.+2*16 (the current carrying capacity is 90a according to the table) is buried and laid to each dormitory respectively

3. The main line in the dormitory is laid in the plastic trunking with bv10 plastic copper wire, and then laid to the socket panel with bv2.5 plastic trunking

IV. dormitory temporary power layout plan (see attached drawings)

v. site temporary power system diagram (see attached drawings)

VI. safe power use management system and technical measures

1. Each room is equipped with an electric heater, away from other inflammables, special sockets for power supply, and other electrical equipment is not allowed to be used

2. The electric heater must be placed vertically. It is strictly forbidden to put it upside down or horizontally. It must not be placed under the bed, and there should be a certain safe distance from the power socket

3. A special person is assigned to be responsible for each room, and others are not allowed to switch on or adjust the electric heater casually

4. In case of any fault in the line and electric heater, it should be reported to each construction team in time. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle and move without permission

5. The heating time is from 17 o'clock to 6 o'clock in the morning. After the heating is stopped in the morning, the power plug should be unplugged and the electric heater should be plugged in after the next power transmission

6. In addition to electric heating, other electrical equipment in the dormitory, such as electric stove, electric mattress, electric water heater and unsafe facilities, are strictly forbidden to use. If one is found, it will be punished

7. The construction team has a full-time electrician to implement and supervise the regulations and systems during the heating period, and carry out various safety inspections at any time

8. Place a dry powder fire extinguisher in each dormitory. It is strictly forbidden to use water or conductive extinguishing agent to extinguish the fire

9. The project department organizes the management personnel to conduct inspections twice a week, and timely handle the problems found. The safety officer can conduct spot checks at any time to prevent the occurrence of any hidden dangers

VII. Temporarily indicate the development trend of 10 key areas, and develop key power safety and fire-fighting measures

1 in order to ensure the safe use of electricity, the principle of "safety first, prevention first" must be established. Educate workers on electricity safety

2 the distribution system shall adopt three-phase five wire system, and the grounding and neutral connection shall comply with the specifications, and shall not be fictitious or mixed

3 non electricians are not allowed to engage in electrician work, and are not allowed to dismantle or change electrical facilities and lines. They can work only after applying for electricity in advance and obtaining the permission of the foreman

4 electricians have the right to refuse to implement illegal commands and report to superior leaders

5 switches and appliances that match the electrical load of electrical equipment shall be selected in strict accordance with the regulations, and the design of lines and the specifications of conductors shall also match the electrical load

6 the electrical equipment with moisture-proof and moisture-proof electric spark shall be paid attention to in the areas of electric heating and heating, middle beam platform and workbench of electronic universal testing machine. It is not allowed to be close to inflammables during installation and use, and a certain distance shall be maintained

7 electric heaters should be operated in strict accordance with their performance. Overload operation for a long time is not allowed. Regular maintenance should be done to make the equipment operate normally and keep the ground dry

8 when electrical equipment is on fire, use dry powder fire extinguishers, and cut off the power supply in time. If there is an electric shock accident, rescue the person who gets an electric shock and give first aid

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