Tips for using the hottest knife sharpener

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Tips for using knife grinder

1 Step 1: flatten the carbide round bar

after inserting the carbide round bar into the spring collet on the tool rest of the knife grinder, when the bolt state of the tool rest position is locked, the driving force obtained by the dividing disc theoretically can make it reach at least 0.09 meters per second, and the acceleration groove is 0 reference line. Rotate the handle of the long axis fine-tuning device evenly, then grind it slowly to the left, and flatten the carbide round bar by half, When flattening, try to use the method of self grinding the surface of the grinding wheel by moving the tool holder up and down with the long axis of the light as the axis, so as to avoid grinding the grinding wheel into grooves. Generally, the final fine grinding of the flattening size should ensure that the knife surface is 0 higher than the center of the round bar 03MM.;

note: it is best to use 150 #-320 # diamond rough and finish grinding wheel for this initial processing procedure

2. Step 2: grind the flattened tool into a taper

loosen the horizontal locking handle, turn the horizontal tool rest rotation device to 1/2 cone angle to calculate the degree (for example, to grind a 60 cone knife, it must be turned to 30 - experience angle 5 =25, Spain's circutor company launched an efficient and solid equipment - Portable myebox analyzer position) and lock it. When the tool rest position pin is adjusted to a free state that is not inserted into the slot, the left hand evenly rotates the handle of the long axis fine adjustment device, While grinding slowly to the left, the right hand rotates the tool holder evenly to receive the product and reaches the user's hand. Tighten the nut handle to grind it into a cone shape In this process, the tool tip cannot be sharpened completely, and an allowance of about 0.4mm must be left Note: 320 × diamond finishing grinding wheel is best used in this initial processing procedure

3. Step 3: the sharpened edge part

adjust the indexing circle of the tool holder to the 0 degree groove line of the original reference line, and rotate the 6 slots to the right to make the flat surface horizontal and upward Then adjust the position on the groove line by turning the dividing plate of the tool rest to the right for 2 grids, so that the pin state is locked so that the fixed cannot rotate. At this time, the left hand evenly rotates the long axis fine-tuning device, and then the tool rest slowly grinds forward to the left, and the left cutting edge of point a is finely grinded out

note: it is better to use 320 #-400 # but diamond finishing grinding wheel in this initial processing procedure For better surface quality, use 600 #-1200 # diamond superfinishing grinding wheel

source: Jiangyin Yangzi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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