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Hebei Beiming decoration defaulted on painters' wages for more than half a year

Hebei Beiming decoration defaulted on painters' wages for more than half a year

December 2011 from oil hole cover and cam cover gasket to transmission lip seal 28

[Chinese paint information] "help girls, help you." Hello everyone, I'm shenchunmei, the girl of Oriental today's newspaper. Today, we pay attention to the experience of three painters. They worked for a tensile tester decoration company. Their wages were delayed for more than half a year, but they didn't even know where the company was

in the afternoon of December 26, I met Zheng Mingjian, the person who asked for help. Zheng Mingjian said that at the beginning of March this year, Henan Beiming Decoration Co., Ltd. contracted a number of projects for "tomorrow real estate" on Dongfeng Road in Zhengzhou. He and Xiaogu and Xiao Wang worked for Beiming Decoration Co., Ltd. and were responsible for painting through the introduction of acquaintances

"the three of us painted 24 doors in total, and each door was 240 yuan." Zheng Mingjian said that their wages are 5760 yuan. In addition, the paint and putty required for painting are not strong in the standard consciousness of most industrial and mining enterprises. The cost of sandpaper, thinner and other materials is more than 1300 yuan, including the food and accommodation of three people, which are all paid by themselves

Zheng Mingjian said that before the construction, the person in charge of platinum, gold and platinum of Beiming decoration company: Gao Fushui told them that they would settle all the expenses immediately after the completion. But after finishing his work on March 26 this year, the other party broke his promise

"a person in charge of the company surnamed Liang said, wait and settle for you after the work inspection in April; as a result, after the work inspection in April, he said that" tomorrow real estate "did not settle for them, let's wait." Zheng Mingjian said that from June to now, in order to recover the thousands of yuan of wages, he would call each other every so often. The other party's reply has always been to wait and wait, but until the end of the year, the other party still didn't give money

ZHENG Mingjian said that 10 days ago, Xiaogu and Xiao Wang couldn't wait to return to their hometown in Nanyang. "I didn't even have the money to buy tickets. I bought them for them." Zheng Mingjian felt very sad

at 3 p.m. on December 26, according to the company address found above, I came to Jincheng International Trade Building at the intersection of Zijingshan road and Shangcheng road with Zheng Mingjian. However, the staff of the security office in the hall on the first floor of the building told that Henan Beiming decoration company did not work here

in desperation, Zheng Mingjian called Sun Peng, the accountant of Beiming decoration company. "You can wait two more days. In these two days," tomorrow real estate "will settle for us. After settlement, we will give it to you in these two days." Sun Peng's reply is still to wait. However, Zheng Mingjian felt relieved that the waiting time was short this time, and he hoped that Sun Peng could contact him as soon as possible with the witness of the media

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