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Half a month, the poles and wires are still bare

half a month, the poles and wires are still bare

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original title: half a month, the poles and wires are still bare

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(remember the filmmaker liulongwen/picture) recently, Mr. Chen guide from Zhangzhou reported that: a telegraph pole on the war readiness bridge, the wires are exposed, There are serious potential safety hazards in rainy days. Mr. Chen said that he would pass there every time he ran. He hoped that the relevant departments would continue to strengthen the transformation and utilization of new technologies and processes

Mr. Chen lives in the urban area of Zhangzhou. His movement direction of the 10 prefix is opposite to that in the tensile test. He has a habit of running. He starts running from Xinpu garden at 19:00 every day, runs all the way to Baixiang Yuanshan Hotel, and then returns home. At 19:30 on June 26, he ran as usual. When passing the last street lamp of the war readiness bridge (from the urban area to Baixiang Yuanshan Hotel), he found that there were four wires exposed under the column of the street lamp, and the four wires were wrapped with blue tape, with no other shelter. "From June 26 to July 7, I ran by here every day. During this period, no one came to repair it. It was too dangerous!"

in the evening of July 7, the herald came to the war readiness bridge. At this time, the street lamp was on, and four wires were exposed at the bottom of the pole. The herald stopped at the scene for a while and found that many walkers would pass here. When they saw the exposed wires, they all gave way

on July 8, the herald contacted the staff of Zhangzhou municipal engineering management office. After asking the location of the street lamp, the staff said that it would be transferred to the street lamp maintenance department. Then the staff of the street lamp maintenance department said that they would send someone to the scene as soon as possible to check. If there were wires exposed, they would be dealt with immediately

on July 14, the herald came to Zhangzhou war readiness bridge again and found that four wires were still exposed at the bottom of the pole. The herald will continue to pay attention to this matter

Author: Liu long

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