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it will take some time for foreign newspapers to enter the mainland, and printing plants will usher in new opportunities.

for foreign newspapers that hope to provide information to Chinese readers, at present, they can only reduce printing costs, And opening up the Chinese market still needs further opening-up policies

"if there is news that foreign newspapers want to find printing plants, can you tell me immediately?" Fu Honglei, the office director of Shanghai Printing Group Co., Ltd., which owns many printing companies, has the most positive attitude, although their main business is not newspapers, but magazines and books

"the timeliness of newspapers is very strong. If they are distributed locally, the publisher can only choose to print nearby." Wang Peng, an analyst of China Merchants Securities communications and culture industry, believes that financial newspapers such as Wall Street, which have high timeliness requirements and large subscriptions in China, are very likely to choose to print in China

according to subscribers, due to various costs such as transportation, the value of each copy of "Asian Wall Street" has actually exceeded 20 yuan. The branches of Wall Street Asia and the financial times are all over Asia, and there are also many printing spots in Asia. With such huge expenses, there is no reason for the two elite newspapers headquartered in the west not to consider the operating costs

therefore, it is rumored in the industry that "Wall Street Asia" has applied for and obtained approval to print in China two weeks ago, but the news has not been confirmed by Dow Jones and the general administration

Wu Kejia, public relations manager of Dow Jones, told global financial observer, "we have always believed that the Chinese market is very important to Wall Street Asia. In August, we set up a wholly-owned advertising company in Shanghai. We are also interested in printing in China and hope to launch the Chinese version of the newspaper one day."

the financial times also said it would consider printing in China. "Obviously, China has become such an important part of the world economy that many people in Chinese economic circles want to know what is happening in the international market. We should provide them with high-quality international financial information in Chinese," said John Ruiting, editor in chief of the Asian edition of the financial times

but the news from the General Administration of national publishing may disappoint John Ruiting. "Printing in China is not equal to selling in China." Dongyiwei, director of the policy, regulation and judicial regulation department of the General Administration of publishing of China, stressed in an interview with global financial watch. According to reports, so far, except for several specially approved newspapers such as Ta Kung Pao and Wen Wei Po in Hong Kong, other foreign newspapers and periodicals cannot be distributed in China. After printing, all newspapers printed in China must return to the bonded area to complete the import formalities from the customs

in addition, she believes that some media have misinterpreted the commitment that "China's distribution market of books, newspapers and periodicals will be officially opened to WTO members from December 11"

"if overseas newspapers are printed in China, they can be approved by the Provincial Publishing Bureau."

since November 25, the financial times (Financial t applies to high-precision parts processing, assembly fixtures, fixtures or backing structures imes) published the news that "foreign newspapers are allowed to print in China", Dong Yiwei has received many inquiries every day. Because the report believes that the approval of foreign newspapers to print in China may mean that foreign newspapers will be allowed to be distributed in China, Dong Yiwei has to explain repeatedly in the daily, which is completely different

in fact, according to the survey of the General Administration of press, as early as the 1990s, foreign newspapers had many printing activities in the Pearl River Delta. The significance of the new policy of the General Administration of press of China is that the cost of carbon dioxide based biodegradable plastics (PPC) will be further opened, but the content will still be strictly controlled

according to Liu Binjie, deputy director of the General Administration of publishing of China, the distribution restrictions of overseas newspapers and the requirements to treat these newspapers as imported goods will continue to be effective, which means that China's regulatory authorities will still firmly control the media

"they still have to pay import taxes and have been audited." Wang Peng said in an interview with global financial watch

Cai Zhicheng, manager of the Shanghai Branch of the Washington Post, can't read what was printed on paper that night like guests living in the Hilton Hotel. However, he can read foreign newspapers including the Washington Post directly and in time from the Internet

according to him, because they mainly face American readers, newspapers such as the Washington Post and the new york times are unlikely to consider printing in China, while "Wall Street and the financial times are international newspapers with Asian markets, and are more likely to consider localization."

as a five-star foreign-related hotel, Hilton Shanghai will display the foreign newspapers of the day in time in the lobby and restaurant at more than 8 p.m. every day, including wall street, financial times, etc

this is quite timely for guests living in hotels. Songhaixiao, the hotel brand manager, told global financial watch that the foreign newspapers of Hilton Hotel are generally obtained through direct subscription in Hong Kong and gift from the newspaper office in Shanghai

so far, foreign newspapers are only allowed to be sold in foreign-related hotels and airports in China, and the Chinese editions of some international magazines jointly published with Chinese enterprises can be published and distributed in China; Private subscriptions to foreign publications are also limited to foreigners living in China and some educational and academic institutions. Hotels, restaurants and other foreign-related places are generally subscribed by sales agencies in Hong Kong, China, while private subscriptions are imported through the China Import and Export Corporation

for Chinese printing houses, it may increase new business, but for foreign newspapers that want to provide information to Chinese readers, at present, they can only reduce printing costs, and further opening-up policies are needed to open the Chinese market

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