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The use of constant air volume valve in fresh air system will become a future trend

people living and working in high-rise buildings often worry about the lack of fresh air volume, and designers often feel very aggrieved. According to the drawings, the value of the fresh air volume standard is not low, but we often ignore the problem of how to ensure the actual effect from the design point of view, and the application of the constant air volume valve in the fresh air system is a powerful measure. According to the investigation, at present, in China, the conditions that should be met in the test of fan coil plus fresh air system, the vertical clamping sample type of air conditioner is still relatively common, especially in hotel rooms, most office buildings and office buildings use this method

the usual practice is to set fresh air units on each floor, lay fresh air main pipes in the walkway, and dozens of branch pipes are connected to each room from the main pipe. Taking hotel rooms as an example, the fresh air volume of each room is generally 100m3/h. How to make the air volume of each branch consistent

generally speaking, designers often add an air volume regulating valve on the fresh air branch pipe, hoping to complete the air volume distribution through later commissioning. According to the author of refrigeration express, the fresh air system is generally long in main pipe and short in branch pipe, and the adjustment of air volume regulating valve is not intuitive, and the adjustment accuracy is not ideal. Moreover, the fresh air volume of each guest room is only 100m3/h, and the air volume is very small, so such debugging is almost impossible

the "fund" of the construction unit is not for profit, but can only measure the total air supply volume of the fresh air main pipe to ensure that each air supply branch pipe has a wind sense. In order to ensure that the fresh air volume delivered by each room can reach the design value and have the advantages of electro-hydraulic servo experimental machine force, displacement and deformation control, and there is no need for the construction unit to go to the balance of room by room, we only need to add a constant air volume valve on each fresh air branch, and the above problems can be solved

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