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Instrument Perspective: take the road of scientific research, go a long way

Instrument Perspective: take the road of scientific research, go a long way

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original title: Instrument Perspective: take the road of scientific research, go a long way

scientific research development is not only a necessary road for national construction, but also a direction of efforts. On the other hand, the requirements for test differentiation are getting higher and higher, and the attachment system of the experimental machine is becoming more and more important in improving functions, providing convenience, and customizing solutions, which deserves the attention of experimenters. Taking technology as an example, since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the new goals and requirements of building a powerful Aerospace country and cultivating globally competitive enterprises, many Aerospace Science and technology groups in China have put forward the "three-year plan" The "Five-Year Plan" puts forward goals for planetary sampling and space station construction from multiple perspectives such as instrument research and energy research and development. Today, we will discuss the road of scientific research around analytical instruments based on the development of scientific research

"it's a long way to go." forge ahead and be down-to-earth

Marx once said: "there is no smooth road in science. Only those who are not afraid of difficulties and dangers to climb along the steep mountain road can hope to reach the brilliant peak." The development of scientific research is to seek a breakthrough on the basis of the existing foundation, but also to find a way out at the end of the mountain. Throughout history, the road of scientific research is like Lu Xun's saying that "there is no road in the world, and more people go, it becomes a road". Over the years, many scientists have been working in their respective fields, ranging from aerospace "picking stars and moon" to geological environment research. However, it is undeniable that scientific research is still a long way to go. If we want to investigate the reason, it is "poetry and distance"

for example, from geocentric to heliocentric to the current concept of the universe, there will be people fighting for truth in every era. And the help of instruments is indispensable in the pursuit of truth. Just like if there were no telescopes, human beings would have no chance to realize the vastness of the universe. However, instruments and scientific research are always evolving in complementarity. New scientific research achievements will bring new instruments, and more advanced instruments can help to produce more in-depth results. But relatively, "new" sometimes means that the "old" is overthrown. When people overthrow the old view, new difficulties, doubts and fears will follow. So for researchers, whether researchers or inheritors, they are thinking about what will happen in the future and what they need in the future, and they will study solutions in a down-to-earth manner

for instruments, the road of development is also to stand in the present and look forward to the future. For a long time, the instrument has existed in people's hearts as a precise, standardized and rigorous electronic universal testing machine, but it is undeniable that precision and rigor are relative. Not to mention different occasions, the accuracy requirements of the instrument are different. In recent years, the updating speed of the instrument is obvious. Whether it is "new bottle of old wine" can be seen at a glance by people with a clear eye that the invariance will be eliminated, just like self deception. Therefore, instrument enterprises and instrument researchers must forge ahead and be down-to-earth

the road of "dedication" to scientific research requires dedication.

nature is a test question given by time, and science is a pencil in human hands. As Mechnikov once said, "man can correct the defects of nature with the help of science." However, nature is a part of life on earth and a rapidly changing research object. The length of nature is far beyond the reach of human life, so Pavlov said: "science needs all human life." In other words, scientific researchers need to devote themselves to scientific research, put the pursuit of scientific research first, and look down on the interests of scientific research to a certain extent, so that they can take the steps of scientific research. The same is true for the development of instruments. Taking instrument cooperation as an example, it is also cooperation with foreign excellent enterprises. "Seeking fish" is to pursue short-term interests, but cannot develop itself in the long run, and can only be defeated in the end; Only by "fishing for it" can we break through ourselves and develop ourselves, and finally convince the public with new technology. There should be the installation of sweeping air and firm sealing

science is like the intersection of ideal and reality. Ideal can provide direction, but reality always urges it to live in the present. Instruments need development, breakthroughs, ideas, down-to-earth pursuit of technological upgrading, and full-time investment in research, which is conducive to the further development of the instrument industry

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