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The promotion of corn starch degradable plastics still needs time

the rapidly increasing packaging materials bring more corrosion problems and less pressure to the environment? Huge. "Ordinary plastics are man-made polymer structures. Up to now, microorganisms in the environment can't degrade polymers quickly. After flowing into the natural environment, they can't degrade within oneortwo hundred years, and the impact on the environment is irreversible." Ruan Wenquan, a professor at the school of environment and civil engineering of Jiangnan University, revealed that Wuxi is a logistics distribution center. During the "double National Day" this year, Wuxi's express business is growing, and there is contact between the toothed rod pressing plate and the toothed rod "Starting from 6:30 every day, the sampling inspection volume from each booth is among the highest in the country. Some express delivery may have to be repackaged after arriving in Wuxi. The amount of packaging waste in the whole Wuxi area is increasing day by day, and there are few plastic doors and windows. What's more annoying is that the express plastic packaging lacks corresponding recycling channels, most of which are mixed with domestic waste for disposal, some of which are incinerated, and a few of which are landfilled.

is the express packaging non plastic? No 。 Jin Zhengyu introduced that the new biological material he developed is starch grade degradable plastic, the main component of which is corn starch. Corn starch is a natural polymer, and plastics are also polymers. Starch grade degradable plastics can completely replace ordinary plastics. Biological plastics can be degraded after composting. Even if burned, its carbon emission is only one third of that of ordinary plastics, and the toxic substances produced are much less. It is reported that this new material has already successfully entered the market. Its products include degradable lunch boxes, plastic bags, etc., which are used by some catering takeaway e-commerce companies, accounting for more than 20% of the national plastic packaging market. Moreover, this product has shown a trend of supply exceeding demand. The manufacturer cooperating with Jin Zhengyu will build a new production base in Northeast China by the end of next year, which is expected to produce 40000 tons of starch grade degradable bioplastics per year

cost is a big consideration, so are new materials expensive? Starch grade bioplastics are basically equivalent to ordinary plastics. Jin Zhengyu said that the current price of a ton of starch is less than 3000 yuan, while a ton of plastic needs tens of thousands of yuan. At present, the "roadblock" in the promotion of biodegradable plastics is not the price cost, but the time cost. The equipment used for forming starch grade materials is specially made, and it takes time to expand the production scale

nowadays, shopping has become a new consumption habit. Like liumengling, many citizens don't know how to deal with express packaging after shopping, so they can only throw it away. Professor Ruan Wenquan said that once packaging waste, especially plastic waste, enters the nature, it will bring a variety of negative effects. If carton packaging is mixed with kitchen waste, it will reduce the resource recycling rate. He called on everyone to do a good job in garbage classification and protect the ecological home with bit by bit action

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