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On November 3, Ms. Li, a citizen, called this newspaper and said that in recent years, she and her friends have become more and more fond of shopping on the Internet. Every time they receive goods, they habitually throw away the packaging bags at random, which not only produces a lot of express garbage, but also causes the waste of packaging bags. Once she found that it was clearly written on the express packaging box that the packaging box was made of recyclable materials, that is, it can be recycled. How can express waste be recycled to reduce waste and pollution

a visit and investigation were conducted in this regard

phenomenon: Express bags are discarded as garbage

Ms. Zhao, who lives in Hongbo Jingyuan community, Changyi District, is a shopper, and an average of fiveorsix packages arrive every month. Although shopping brought a lot of convenience, it also brought trouble to her. The biggest trouble is to harvest a pile of boxes and bags. If you want to save them for something, there is no place to put them; Throw it away, and feel wasted

there are not a few citizens with such troubles. Ms. Liu, a frequent shopper, said that express packages are generally sealed very firmly, and they are easy to be torn when opened, so they can't do anything and can only be thrown away. For some packing boxes, she will use them as storage boxes or for other purposes. But in the end, it will be thrown into the garbage can. After all, it's of little use value. It's not worth a lot of money to sell waste products. If only it could be recycled. Ms. Liu said

on November 5, I visited several units and residential areas in the urban area of our city and found that the guard duty rooms of most units and residential areas are express transfer stations, which receive many express parcels every day. According to the cleaner of a unit, when she cleaned the garbage can every day, she found many express bags or boxes, only a small number of boxes can be collected and sold as waste, and the rest she dumped into the garbage truck

survey: express companies have a low reuse rate of packaging bags

most of the recipients throw away the packaging bags or boxes at random. Then, will some relatively intact packaging bags or boxes be reused in express companies to accelerate the implementation of the most environmentally friendly and economically sustainable solutions

recently, I visited several express companies. According to Mr. Zhao, the head of a branch of an express company near Jiefang East Road, there are two kinds of experimental machines such as plastic bags and carton packaging. The company will provide these materials uniformly, and they will also purchase them uniformly. The packaging bag was torn, and there was no way to reuse it. After the package is unpacked, there are very few packages that can be well preserved, and we generally rarely reuse them. Mr. Zhao said that on average, they send and receive about 300 or 400 express deliveries every day. If the packaging box sent by express delivery shows signs of damage or opening, the customer will be very concerned and refuse to sign for it after receiving it, which will bring unnecessary trouble. In addition, the cost of the packaging box is not high, and they will charge the customer for this fee. There is no need to save this money to reuse the packaging box

in addition, except for heavy packages, express delivery generally requires door-to-door delivery, and few customers come to express companies to collect and unpack packages on site. Therefore, the source of express waste is the recipient, not the express company

suggestions: protect environmental sanitation and promote reuse

it is learned from the municipal sanitation department that sanitation workers are responsible for cleaning urban roads, and they are not responsible for the garbage in units and communities. After being screened by the cleaners or scavengers of the unit, there is almost no garbage in the garbage cans of the unit, community and public, which can be reused in the calculation of elongation. Moreover, there are many kinds of garbage cleared and transported by sanitation workers every day, and they can't classify them one by one. They can't estimate how much express garbage they produce every day. These garbage are transported to the garbage transfer station for treatment

however, from the perspective of protecting public health, the municipal sanitation department called on the general public to recycle some reusable express packages as much as possible and not to throw them around

relevant experts were also interviewed. According to Professor Zhang Peng of the engineering research center of colleges and universities in Jilin Province, chemical separation technology, at present, most of the packaging materials used by express companies are polyethylene, which is light in weight and high in toughness. It takes decades for this material to degrade when it is used to pack perishable fresh food, and it can only be recycled in large quantities

Professor Zhang suggested that paper products can be used to replace plastic packaging at present. The purpose of using plastic packaging is to prevent water and moisture, and to protect goods. In fact, paper products can also do this. You can use the folding and folding of the carton to form a buffer belt to protect goods. In the process of express delivery, compared with plastic packaging, carton packaging has better return waste recycling, so it is recommended to use less plastic products. Professor Zhang said

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