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Yu Chengdong: it will take Huawei four to five years to surpass apple and Samsung

technically, Huawei will expand its R & D advantages accumulated in the field of basic telecommunications to the consumer electronics market; In terms of channel expansion, this year, the thousand county plan was launched, covering most counties in China

at 9 p.m. Beijing time on April 6, Huawei held its flagship P9 press conference in Battersea Park, London, UK

the biggest highlight of the new model is the main photography function in cooperation with Leica. In order to attract female consumers, the color is ceramic white. In terms of price, Huawei P9 is priced at 599 euros (about 4400 yuan) for 3gb memory version and 649 euros (about 4800 yuan) for 4GB memory version. As for the Bank of China Version, Huawei P9 series products will be released in Shanghai on April 15

similar to previous press conferences, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei consumer BG, is still confident. For the first batch of 1 million units, Yu Chengdong believes that the sales volume of p9 is expected to exceed 10million units

undoubtedly, P9 is highly expected. In fact, Huawei, which ranks third in the world in business, is planning to surpass apple and Samsung in four to five years

Yu Chengdong believes that it will take Huawei four to five years to surpass apple and Samsung. It will take Huawei three years to become the second in the world, and I will use four to five years to become the first in the world. At present, Huawei's global market share has exceeded 10%, and some countries even account for 15% to 20%

after the press conference, Yu Chengdong, dressed in a casual suit and straightforward, accepted an exclusive interview with China business news and other media, from products to operations to friends. After the meeting, he also specially stressed that Internet companies did not invest heavily in research and development, but entered the industry in the name of ecology through the stock market, and sooner or later it will die out

it should be said that Huawei terminals are in a rising trend. Communication expert Xiang Ligang said in an interview with China business news

according to IDC data, Huawei's sales volume exceeded 100million in 2015, reaching 106million, with a year-on-year increase of more than 44%. Yu Chengdong said that Huawei still maintained rapid growth in the first quarter of this year, with a year-on-year growth of 64%

for Huawei's 2016 performance expectations, Yu Chengdong said: we (made) US $20billion last year and will make us $30billion this year

China Business News learned that Huawei has invested more passion in transforming patented technology and independent research and development in the field of basic communications after enjoying the benefits of independent chips, and believes that it is the key to achieve competitiveness

today, we have a small thing. We say that we have a new file system to solve the problem that the more Android intelligence is used, the slower it becomes. Yu Chengdong said. According to Yu Chengdong, Huawei's research and development in the field of operating system has gone deep into the core code of Android

expanding the R & D advantages accumulated in the field of basic telecommunications to the consumer electronics market is Huawei's advantage and Yu Chengdong's confidence to surpass apple and Samsung

Huawei is also integrating ldquo; The annual output of resonator shells is 3.5 billion. Drawing on the methods of apple and Samsung, on the one hand, it will deepen the terminal industry chain, on the other hand, it will expand multiple product lines such as PC, smart watch, TV box, etc

as for P9, its biggest feature is camera, which is regarded as the key to competition by most manufacturers

in the fierce competition, Huawei introduced Leica, a professional camera partner. According to Yu Chengdong, Huawei obtained the exclusive license of Leica at a high price. This means that Leica will not sell its technology to other manufacturers in a short time

although the sensor we are talking about is the latest, the fourth generation sensor has relatively high security and speed, which is much faster than iPhone. But this is not subversive, subversive or Leica camera is the best. Yu Chengdong said

however, some experts also pointed out that the linearity of sensor components released this year has reached a high level. After the latest flagship, Samsung has a strong recovery momentum, and perhaps Huawei's journey of surpassing will not be so easy

another explosive news disclosed by Yu Chengdong is that Hisilicon chips, once used only by Huawei, are being purchased in large quantities in the TV market. For the time being, we have no intention of making TV. We have also discussed the apple model. We don't want to be so scattered, he said. But many TV chips are from us. Now several major TV manufacturers in China have begun to use Huawei chips, and our chips are used in TV sets

in the field, the innovation breakthrough of leaders is getting slower and slower. It is more and more difficult to innovate with the same supplier and the same source of goods. Wang Yanhui, Secretary General of the China Alliance, told this newspaper

in the next three to five years, most Chinese intelligent manufacturers will die. So I think it's a sea of blood for Chinese Internet brand manufacturers to come in, and they will eventually die. Earlier, when he was just in charge of Huawei's business, Yu Chengdong predicted that no more than four manufacturers would survive in the next few years. Now, he has updated the number, and only three manufacturers can survive

what supports Yu Chengdong's view is where the manufacturer puts its energy. In his opinion, we should focus on innovation. Innovation requires a lot of scientific research investment and money. Where did you get the money? Where did you get so much money? We should have such great scientific research strength and ability. He compared that Huawei has invested 80000 to 90000 R & D personnel in scientific and technological innovation, and those interconnected companies will not repeat how many people there are in the whole company of the manufacturer here, so in this regard, (they) are not an order of magnitude competitor

Huawei focuses on R & D, with less investment in marketing expenses. Yu Chengdong believes that good products can naturally be passed down by word of mouth among consumers. In terms of the construction of channel retail system, Yu Chengdong said that the launch of the thousand counties plan in 2016 will cover most counties in China, and each county will set up 1-2 retail stores through direct sales or joint ventures. At present, vivo, oppo and Jinli, which began to layout many years ago, have the power to control the props in this canal

however, it is not easy for Huawei to truly surpass apple and Samsung

in 2016, especially after the release of the flagship S7 with curved screen, Samsung, which maintains the world's highest market share and strong vertical ability of the industrial chain, can still have strong competitiveness in products, and there is a strong recovery momentum

last year, the gap between Huawei and Samsung was narrowing. This year, Samsung has become strong. If Huawei's growth rate does not go up, the gap with Samsung may widen. Wang Yanhui said

to surpass apple and Samsung, Huawei needs to surpass them in terms of comprehensive capabilities. In an interview with China business news, Xiang Ligang pointed out that Huawei may not be inferior to apple and Samsung in terms of a single model, but there is still a gap in the comprehensive strength of the industrial chain, operating system, global brand building and so on

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