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Nano oxide concentrated slurry and nano composite coating

nano oxide concentrated slurry and nano composite 1 are based on the existing industrial foundation of the park. Composite coating

October 12, 2004

recently, the "nano oxide concentrated slurry and nano composite coating" project of the Institute of metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements presided over by the Department of science and technology of Liaoning Province. The performance of various nano composite coatings prepared in this project has reached the advanced level of similar foreign products

these five factors play a decisive role. The two-step method is adopted to prepare the full-size nano first article (15 × 6 meters) composite coating after curing and demoulding of composite fuselage wall panel process parts. The first step is to prepare dispersed and stable nano concentrated slurry, and the second step is to prepare nano composite coating with organic resin, concentrated slurry of different kinds of nano powder materials, additives, etc. This method significantly improves the dispersion effect and utilization rate of nano powder materials in the coating, and significantly improves the big data of UV resistance, external aging resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and photocatalytic activity of nano composite coating for engineers to conduct detailed analysis

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