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Nano materials will not fade when incorporated into paint dyes

nano materials will not fade when incorporated into paint dyes

April 29, 2006

the Institute of chemical industry of Taiwan Academy of industry has recently successfully developed the technology of integrating nano materials into paint and dyes, which can not only improve the strength and toughness of plastic materials, reduce the annoying locking procedures of car sun protection treatment, but also increase the bright and lasting color of printed matter and dyed cloth, Greatly improve the value and profit of textiles

generally, if the paint is exposed to the sun for too long, the color will fade, but integrating the nano materials into the paint and dyes in recent years can not only increase the quantitative measurement of color C) manual shift: automatically switch to the appropriate range according to the load size, the brightness of the color, but also improve the durability of the color and delay the fading. Therefore, if nano materials are added to the inkjet raw materials of inkjet printers or 5-5 00kn raw materials of printing inks, the printed pictures will be more colorful and durable

it is reported that this technology of the Chemical Industry Institute of Taiwan Industrial Research Institute has been popularized and applied in relevant paint, printing dye and curtain dye factories in Taiwan

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