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Resolution industrial coatings cadura device start-up

resolution industrial coatings cadura device start-up

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resolution functional products company is the world's famous manufacturer and developer of epoxy resin and versaties products

. This company's new device for producing cadura (TM) e 10p) epoxy propyl ester

has been successfully started

Cadillac is a hydrophobic intermediate, which can be used with acrylate and polyester resin in automotive paint, industrial coatings and Yanqi paste. It can form good chemical resistance, good fluidity and improve the appearance. Cadilla

can also be used as active diluent in civil engineering and as acid remover in polyester production

the production capacity of this device is 20000 tons/year, which is the first large investment since the establishment of the company. The device is built in the joint device area of the resolution company of Pernis in the Netherlands. By November 14th, 2008, resolution was all owned by Royal Dutch Shell. The third one is the control mode oil group, which was acquired by a subsidiary of Apollo management company in the reinvestment transaction

the new device uses the patented technology of continuous process to produce high-purity light color products. Due to its excellent quality, it can open up new ways to use

in places where such products were not used in the past

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