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Nano photocatalysis air purification technology passed the acceptance and appraisal of experts

nano photocatalysis air purification technology passed the acceptance and appraisal of experts

June 28, 2004

the "nano photocatalysis air purification technology" project undertaken by Beijing Capital nano technology Co., Ltd. in cooperation with Tsinghua University, Beijing University of science and technology and other units. The experimental machine passed the acceptance and appraisal organized by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission before applying for a patent in 1880

aiming at the increasingly serious indoor pollution problem, the project has developed a practical nano photocatalysis technology, and has taken the lead in realizing industrialization in China. The expert committee of the appraisal meeting is composed of experts from the 863 Program of the Ministry of science and technology, authoritative experts from the Ministry of health, well-known authoritative experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University and other units. After the demonstration of the expert committee, it was agreed that the project mainly achieved the following technical achievements: the metal supported porous film nano photocatalyst was developed, its one-time degradation rate of formaldehyde and other harmful gases reached 98%, the photocatalysis module (core component) with air purification function was developed, and the first series of air purifier products were further developed, Its performance has been tested by the China Center for disease prevention and control and other authoritative institutions: the formaldehyde purification rate reaches 95% in 90 minutes; The bacteria degradation rate reached 89.9% in 60 minutes. At the same time, Beijing Capital nanotechnology Co., Ltd. has carried out industrialization on the basis of technology research and development, deliberately writing up specific indicators, established a 300 ton/year photocatalyst production line, which can reach a production capacity of 50000 photocatalysis modules per year, and further established a production capacity of 100000 photocatalysis air purifiers per year

the Expert Committee believes that the technology of this project has reached the technical level of international advanced products of the same kind, and has great market development potential

it is reported that at the national "nano material technology and products exhibition" held in May, the photocatalysis technology products of Beijing Pioneer nano company adopted three separate protective measures, and the technology and products were highly praised by the participating experts and leaders

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