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Nano material composite powder coating appears at the nanotechnology exhibition

nano material composite powder coating appears at the nanotechnology exhibition

December 12, 2005

December 9, China (Zhejiang) nanotechnology and new material application Expo opened in Hangzhou

at this exhibition, coating finished products and raw material enterprises also showed that nano technology could be used as a product standard technology modification of a certain level. The experimental personnel input data storage, and the single chip microcomputer uses the program to control the liquid crystal display and keyboard on the operation panel. The nano material composite powder coating developed by Zhejiang Tiansong New Material Co., Ltd. has the advantages of good looseness, strong aging resistance, bright and clean, and fills the gap of domestic fine chemical industry, with a domestic market share of more than 35%. Through the self-developed nano calcium carbonate microemulsion technology, Juhua Group has developed a new nano PVC resin product, which has twice the impact strength and more than 10 times the discoloration time in the thermal aging test. At present, the products have been industrialized, with an annual production capacity of 80000 tons, and have been applied in the field of chemical building materials. The nano sealant developed by Zhejiang Zhijiang organosilicon Chemical Co., Ltd. replaces imported products, is widely used in construction and automobile manufacturing, and is widely sold to Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States and other markets

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