The hottest nano glass film can save energy by 30%

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Nano glass film can save energy by 30%

with nano film on the glass, Huafeng spandex can save more than 30% energy for cars or buildings by striving for the mass production target by the end of the year, and the radio frequency card embedded in the license plate can track and guide vehicles This morning, the 9th China Chongqing high tech fair and the 5th military and civil dual-use technology exhibition held a docking meeting for military and civil dual-use technology projects. More than a thousand military and civil dual-use projects "search for husband's family" attracted more than 100 enterprises in Chongqing and surrounding areas to "date"

at this docking meeting, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics brought "nano multifunctional and energy-saving glass film", which applies nanotechnology to the glass film to make the ordinary film have multiple functions such as heat insulation, heat preservation, UV protection, etc. if it is applied to the large glass windows of cars or buildings, the energy of air conditioning in winter and summer can be saved by more than 30%

if the vehicle traffic monitoring system brought by Tianjin University eliminates such reasons and embeds the RF card into the license plate, it can achieve a complete and strict traffic management in a city, and track stolen vehicles, hit and run vehicles, and fake vehicles, so as to solve the problem of vehicle traffic at low cost

according to the introduction, more than 30 representatives from the General Advisory Department of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, the General Armament Department of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and its affiliated scientific research institutions, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Chongqing University, logistics Engineering College and other project providers, as well as more than 100 enterprises from our city and surrounding areas came to negotiate

the Organizing Committee of the high tech Fair has collected more than 3000 latest project achievements and demand information nationwide, involving equipment manufacturing, new energy, electronics 1 price's aluminum alloy body riveting 4.0 solution, which has realized the intelligent upgrading of riveting assembly, information, biomedicine, new materials, agriculture and other fields, from which 1286 key projects have been selected and reorganized for recommendation

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