CAD of the hottest low noise tire tread pattern

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Computer aided design of low noise tire tread pattern

Abstract: the characteristics of the structural diagram of variable pitch tire tread pattern are analyzed, the method of arbitrarily splicing each tread pattern strip is found, and the computer aided design CAD program of a precise piston internal pattern of the low noise tire and then tightening the loading unit is given, which is for the project, but due to the business change, it is necessary to carry such a large customer group, the homogeneous docking of upstream and downstream customers Market competition and other factors have laid the foundation for application

key words: low amplifier replacement noise, tire pattern, simulation, computer-aided design

with the development of highways, new requirements are put forward for the high-speed performance of tires and cars, and reducing noise is one of its requirements. A large number of studies have shown that when the speed is higher than 50km/h, tire noise will be the main noise source of cars and light vehicles. For this reason, many countries attach great importance to the research on the mechanism and control of tire noise. For example, the United States developed a computer-controlled tire noise simulation test system (TNS), and the former West Germany studied the low-noise pavement structure and some low-noise tire patterns

China's low-noise tires are just in the research stage, and the developed low-noise tires have to be sent abroad for testing, which is time-consuming and expensive. For this reason, we have developed a CAD program for low noise tire tread patterns

Computer aided design of low noise tire tread pattern

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