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A cad/cam method of indexable profile milling cutter

1. Introduction

the development of railway industry has led to the development of large-size and large surplus steel castings processing and repair industry. Many indexable profile milling cutters are used in the processing of turnout, rail, wheel hub, hook, center plate and other parts. The introduction of these milling cutters greatly improves the processing efficiency and reduces the processing cost. In recent years, our company has undertaken many processing tasks of indexable profile milling cutters for railway. In the process of design and processing, we have explored a set of cad/cam methods suitable for ourselves, which are introduced here

2. Cad/cam of profile milling cutter

as shown in Figure 1, the three-dimensional modeling of the previous profile milling cutter can be completed on the graphics workstation. In recent years, due to the great improvement of the performance of CPU and graphics card in PC, the three-dimensional modeling design of profile milling cutter can be realized by using software with three-dimensional modeling function such as AutoCAD R14 on ordinary 586 machine (basically equipped with pii266/64mram/4m video memory above)

in the design, the blade arrangement diagram as shown in Figure 2 is first arranged according to the machined surface, and then the three-dimensional diagram of blade groups is expanded in space. Finally, the space state diagram of each group of blades is generated and the parameters of each group of blades are marked. The specific design process is shown in Figure 4:

the cutter designed according to the above process can meet the needs of processing.

the two-dimensional production drawing of the cutter body is transferred from the design room to the production branch, and then it enters the production stage. In production, we use the self-developed software "calculation of spatial angle of indexable face milling cutter and processing suggestions". The programmer will calculate the main deflection angle, edge inclination angle, normal back angle Space point 11. Information such as one HP brand inkjet printer is input into the computer. The assets of the energy storage system are generally in the hands of the energy storage manufacturer or system integrator. The computer automatically calculates and prints out the corrected space angle, processing position, processing suggestions (including vertical and horizontal milling selection, processing direction, reasonable processing combination) and other information of each blade. These machining suggestions fully consider the performance and machining range of the machine tool, so you only need to transfer these values to the program module of machining profile milling cutter to generate the machining program. These program modules include: vertical milling processing calculation module, horizontal milling processing calculation module, machining center space point conversion module, etc. The flow of the software is shown in Figure 5:

the above parts can be completed in PC, and the program can be put into production after being transmitted to the industrial computer of maho800c through serial communication cable

3. Advantages of this method

without the graphic workstation of high-performance building materials water vapor permeability test method gb/t 17146 ⑴ 997, ordinary users can choose a PC that is more suitable for their own products and equipment, and then they can be competent; With fixed modules, the workload of programmers is very small, and there is no need for the support of special NC programming software. Manual programming can complete the preparation of complex programs; It is economical and practical, easy to use, and easy for designers and programmers to master; It can be easily extended to the design and processing of other types of rotary tools

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