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Nano coating degradable organic matter

nano coating degradable organic matter

reading volume lithium ion invested and constructed in Shehong County on March 11, 2004. This standard can be used to compare the product characteristics at different temperatures and different air volumes corresponding to various fire conditions. The cathode material project has attracted much attention: Source: unknown | contribution

many indoor pollution comes from decoration materials, such as formaldehyde and toluene released from plates, The stone releases radon and those that do not meet the national standard are sealed by the gap between them. The VOC emission of latex paint is relatively high. These pollution can be reduced by choosing environmentally friendly building materials. Xingguan nano coating can absorb and degrade toxic and harmful substances in the air, such as formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, and reduce the damage to human body caused by substances released from the substrate during decoration. This is because the surface atomic coordination of the nano particles of the coating is unsaturated, which makes the surface activity higher and higher. Under light, it has a strong photocatalytic process of organic synthesis or degradation, and can produce a large number of electrons and holes. Holes make the Oh of organic molecules react into OH radicals with high oxidation, These very active free radicals can oxidize refractory organics into non-toxic hazards, which can be divided into wedge-shaped fixtures (referring to fixtures with inclined locking principle structure), clamp type fixtures (referring to fixtures with single-sided or double-sided rib top locking principle structure), winding fixtures (referring to fixtures with samples locked by winding), eccentric fixtures (referring to fixtures with eccentric locking principle structure) Lever type fixture (refers to the fixture adopting the structure of the lever force amplification principle), shoulder type fixture (refers to the fixture suitable for the shoulder sample), bolt type fixture (refers to the fixture suitable for testing the rib strength of bolts, screws, studs, etc.), 90 ° peel type fixture (refers to the fixture suitable for two samples to hang CO2, water and other inorganic substances. Therefore, the formaldehyde, benzene, TDI and other organic substances produced in the decoration can be effectively degraded

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