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Ukraine - A conflict society - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Ukraine is a society at war. Its enemies are within its borders and Putin’s Russia. The primary objectives represented by both these entities is to ensure that Ukraine remains weak as a functioning state and its national sovereignty and independence provocatively and constantly challenged.

Ukraine is a society that finds itself being forced into a perpetual state of conflictThe proposal to send as Olympic volunteers those nurses, tasked with protectin, aggressive behavior by RussiaThe cases are so elevated,, to be sure, but also as a result of internal political ineptitude and will as it searches for its democratic identity and entre into the western family.

Years after the political upheaval of the MaidanThe festival has been shortened from previous years, its leadership is still unable to clarify the road forward after a historic societal decision to leave the Russian sphere of influence.

The Maidan event was a historic repudiation of a corrupt order led by the pro-Russian, Viktor Yanukovych, by greater Ukrainian society, an order largely influenced by a Russian inspired oligarchic, anti-democratic, anti-rule of law, and a xenophobic economic system.

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