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In order to perfect the construction field, human beings have developed stainless steel, which can maintain the original appearance of buildings for a long time. In order to use air supply liquid and other items conveniently, quickly and safely, stainless steel is made into stainless steel pipes. Through continuous innovation and research and development, we have obtained a new generation of stainless steel pipe with strong performance - 316 stainless steel pipe. 316 stainless steel pipe is a kind of hollow long round steel, which is widely used in industrial transmission pipelines such as petroleum, chemical industry, medical treatment, food, light industry, machinery and instruments, as well as mechanical structural components. In addition, when the bending and torsional strength are the same, the weight is light, so it is also widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts and engineering structures. It is also commonly used in the production of various conventional weapons, barrels, shells, etc

316 stainless steel pipes are made by heating, punching, sizing, hot rolling and cutting. They are widely used in medical, food and other industries. Due to its light weight, it is also widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts and various conventional weapons. Many people have no way to choose 316 stainless steel tubes and don't know how to choose them. Now there are fakes in everything in society for fear of buying fakes. Of course, 316 stainless steel tubes have different specifications. Do you want to have a complete specification table of 316 stainless steel tubes? Next, I sorted out a detailed specification table of 316 stainless steel pipe for you, hoping to help you

what is 316 stainless steel pipe

the maximum carbon content of 316 stainless steel pipe is 0.03, which can be used for applications that cannot be annealed after welding and require maximum corrosion resistance

316 and 317 stainless steels (see the following for the properties of 317 stainless steel) are molybdenum containing stainless steels

the overall performance of this steel is better than 310 and 304 stainless steel. Under high temperature conditions, when the concentration of sulfuric acid is lower than 15% and higher than 85%, 316 stainless steel has a wide range of applications

316 stainless steel plate, also known as 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 corrosion resistance: the corrosion resistance is better than 304 stainless steel, and it has good corrosion resistance in the production process of pulp and paper

The carbide precipitation resistance of 316 stainless steel is better than that of 316 stainless steel, and the above temperature range can be used

316 stainless steel pipe specification table

316 stainless steel pipe has a minimum specification diameter of 12mm and a wall thickness of 1.5mm; The largest specification diameter is 530mm, and the wall thickness is 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 30, 40 mm. Common specifications include 24× 2.5-3-4-5-6(mm)219× 30-40(mm)377× 30-37-40 (mm), etc. of course, we can customize the appropriate specification of 316 stainless steel pipe according to our own needs

the specification of stainless steel 316lba seamless steel pipe for gas pipeline is 3/8 (9.53× 0.89). It is mainly used in laboratory corrosion prevention gas pipeline, pipeline accessories, etc. For example, the inner wall tapping of 316 stainless steel capillary thick wall pipe made by savant brand is made by cutting, chamfering and polishing stainless steel pipe. This product is suitable for 0.5mm-20mm steel wire rope. Most of the time, we will make it into tools for pressing steel wire rope and producing steel wire rope

316 stainless steel pipe price

316 stainless steel pipe price is relatively moderate, the price is about 10-30 yuan

note: this price is for reference only! Due to different regions, of course, the price will also vary. For more relevant price details, please refer to the local dealer

316 stainless steel pipe manufacturers recommend

Dongguan Suhang metal materials Co., Ltd.

Baosteel 316 stainless steel pipe Huizhou 304 stainless steel seamless pipe

starting batch: 1 kg

price: about 21 yuan

Jiangsu Lihua Hengye metal materials Co., Ltd.

316 stainless steel pipe 304 stainless steel pipe spot

starting batch: 1 ton

price: About 15200 yuan

true and false identification:

International corrosion resistance of materials year by year Rates are divided into three categories

the first type is completely corrosion-resistant, and its corrosion rate is less than 0.1mm/year. High quality stainless steel belongs to this kind of material

the second type is corrosion resistant, with a corrosion rate of 0.1-1.0mm/year, belonging to general stainless steel

the third type is non-corrosion, and its corrosion rate is greater than 1.0mm per year. The counterfeit stainless steel products found this time are analyzed, and the corrosion rate is as high as 9.67mm/year, which is seriously non-corrosion. When further analyzing the composition of the product, it was found that the chromium content in the product, which represents an important indicator of stainless steel, was only 10.03% and 7.1%, far lower than the minimum requirement of stainless steel for chromium of 10.5%

generally speaking, iron-based alloys with chromium content greater than 10.5% are called stainless steel, and the chromium content of these two products is far lower than this lower limit, and this product is not stainless steel at all. The reason why this product appears on the market is mainly that the producers are greedy for profit and use the loophole of people's insufficient understanding of stainless steel to fabricate. It is generally believed that stainless steel is non-magnetic. Counterfeiters have changed the composition of products by largely using manganese instead of nickel, and obtained a material that is neither magnetic nor extremely cheap, so as to achieve the purpose of high profits

the appearance of this product is difficult to distinguish from the usual stainless steel in the market circulation. At the same time, due to the lack of magnetism, coupled with the illegal dealer's trick of adulterating and selling, it is very difficult for consumers to distinguish the authenticity, and it will cause unforeseen consequences after use. In addition, a small amount of nickel is used in this material, but it cannot play its due role. It is a waste of precious metals, resulting in a certain waste of resources

Editor's summary: 316 stainless steel pipe is also widely used in daily life, but most of us don't know it very well. For example, the stainless steel mosquito net supports and tent supports we usually use are made of stainless steel materials. The light and clean stainless steel pipe is deeply loved by the majority of people





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