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Luo Qi curtain brand, not implicated by material desires, not disturbed by vanity, let yourself live elegantly and simply, enter the simple artistic conception of calm and tranquility, and get a higher level of enrichment and richness that others do not have

Luo Qi curtain brand is not encumbered by material desires or disturbed by vanity. It allows itself to live elegantly and simply, and enters the simple artistic conception of calm and tranquility, so as to obtain a higher level of enrichment and richness that others do not have. Here, Luo Qi invites you to join

Luo Qi curtain brand has continuous production, design, production, sales, installation and after-sales experience, and has a strong brand appeal. It can immediately make you join the ranks of well-known curtain chain brands and become an expert in curtain brands

curtain big brand, Luo Qi curtain brand agent creates the strong advantage of curtain franchise chain stores, and sincerely cooperates with more people. Luo Qi curtain brand agent, the company provides higher investment services and agents of the most advantageous wealth. Luo Qi curtain brand agent is the first fabric brand in the industry to introduce the chain monopoly business model. In recent years, with excellent products, innovative marketing methods and perfect fabric effect interpretation, the brand status has been continuously improved, and the chain monopoly business has flourished

the most important thing is that the brand of LUOQI curtain is a brand, and the brand idea enables direct stores to win more customers' trust. The curtain industry itself is the most profitable sunrise industry in the home decoration industry. Coupled with the support advantages of the headquarters, it makes it easier to make money. This is the most important factor that LUOQI curtain brand has won the love of consumers for a long time. While pursuing the unique artistic taste of design concept, Luo Qi curtain brand also attaches great importance to the creation of excellent quality of curtains

Luo Qi curtain brand agent is different from general decoration shops or fabric shops. A curtain central processing plant is set up in the headquarters. Luo Qi curtain brand agent has introduced dozens of machines from Japan and implemented all computerized control. From high volume, folding to ironing, it is fully automated, and the product is inspected by professionals, trying to present more reasonable and exquisite goods and better services to consumers. Luo Qi curtain brand agent currently has more than 150 Direct stores in Taiwan

all franchised Direct stores of curtain brands do not need to make curtains by themselves, which saves time and effort. They only need to report the size and style required by customers to the headquarters, which will make them uniformly, bind the trademarks and express them to the direct stores for customers to install, so as to ensure that the installation can be completed within a week from receiving the order to installing. Direct stores do not need to purchase goods, which eliminates the burden of purchasing goods and the related costs. There is no overstock in inventory. We only need to have a facade if we do not build the first curtain brand. All things are done by us, including the samples of Direct stores, the Roman pole slide with samples and the accessories on the curtains, which are free of charge by the company. In the later stage, the supply price of cloth is settled according to the factory price, which is lower than that of small stores in the same industry purchasing goods from the wholesale market

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