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Everything in modern times is becoming modular and standardized, and everything is becoming efficient and energy-saving. But what's behind all this is whether it's Facebook and solid. So we are pursuing less than more, simple than complex decoration - modern simplicity

Royal elegance? Pass on the beauty of life

everything in modern times has begun to become modular and standardized, and everything is becoming efficient and energy-saving. But what's behind all this is whether it's Facebook and solid

therefore, we are more or less in the heart of the pursuit of connotation, the pursuit of less than more, simple than complex decoration - modern simplicity

1. Style definition

modern simple style is a decoration style based on simplicity. Minimalism originated from western modernism in the early 20th century

western modernism originates from the Bauhaus school, which was founded in Weimar, Germany, in 1919 by Walter Gropius. The Bauhaus school advocates the principle of function first

propose furniture modeling suitable for assembly line production, and advocate simplicity in architectural decoration. The feature of simplicity style is to simplify the design elements, colors, lighting and raw materials to a minimum, but it has high requirements for the texture of colors and materials. Therefore, the simple space design is usually very implicit, which can often achieve the effect of using less to win over more, and using simplicity to win over complexity

2. Design concept

modern style has simple appearance and strong functions, emphasizing the unity and abstraction of indoor space forms and objects

modern simple style, as the name suggests, is to make all details look very simple. The extremely simple decoration makes the space look very simple and magnificent. There are fewer decorative parts, but in terms of color and layout, it takes a lot of effort to choose and match decoration materials. This is a realm that ordinary designers can't design

undoubtedly, the decoration style of modern simple style caters to the love of young people. The busy life in the city has already made us tired of drinking and drinking. We prefer a quiet, peaceful, bright, spacious and comfortable home to eliminate the fatigue of work and forget the noise of the city. This is also one of the popular decoration styles: modern simple style

3. Design technique

simplicity is not a lack of design elements, it is a higher level of creative realm. In terms of interior design, it is not necessary to give up the rules and simplicity of the original architectural space and decorate the architectural carrier arbitrarily. Instead, the design emphasizes more on function, the integrity of structure and form, and the depth and accuracy of material, technology and space

interior creation with simple methods requires designers to have higher design literacy and practical experience. Designers need to go deep into life, think repeatedly, deliberate and refine carefully, and use the least design language to express the deepest design connotation

simplify, eliminate the false and retain the true. With the high conciseness of color and the extreme simplicity of modeling, on the premise of meeting the functional needs, make a reasonable and exquisite combination of space, people and things, and use the most concise strokes to depict the most rich and moving spatial effects, which is the highest realm of design art

4. Color matching

light color system

the center color is yellow and orange. Choose orange carpet, yellow and white printed cloth for curtains and bedspreads. The sofa and ceiling are gray, set off by some green plants, making the room full of a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere

hard color system

the center color is red, and the floor of the whole room is covered with red carpet. The curtains are made of blue and white calico, which is in sharp contrast to the red carpet. The sofa is black, the furniture is mainly white, and the wall and ceiling are also mainly white, so that the contrast is strong and dazzling can be avoided

soft color system

the center color is soft pink. Carpets, lampshades and curtains are red and white, furniture is white, and parts of the room are dotted with light blue to add a romantic atmosphere

elegant color system

the center color is pink. Sofa and lampshade are pink. Curtains and bedspreads are made of pink printed cloth, the floor is light tan, and the wall is milky white

elegant color system

the center color is rose and lavender. The carpet is in light rose color, the sofa is in rose color that is thicker than the carpet, the curtain can choose Lavender cotton print, and the lampshade and lamp pole are in rose or purple. Then put some green cushions and potted plants to decorate. The walls and furniture are gray, which can achieve elegant and beautiful results

gorgeous color system

the center colors are orange, blue and gold. The sofa is in Burgundy, the carpet is in dark earthy red of the same color, the wall is in bright beige, and some gold is dotted locally, such as a gold-plated wall lamp, supplemented by some blue, which forms a luxurious style

with excellent, beautiful and elegant product style, Yulia people interpret the brand connotation of quality, taste and integrity to the world. Leading the new trend of the soft clothing industry in China and even the world, it is now one of the indispensable excellent brands in the soft clothing industry

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