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The source of customer information is becoming more and more important. Whether through Baidu (Network) or the visit of community owners, smart dealers have clearly priced the value of these customer information one by one according to the price value. Prospective customers can be said to be the performance basis of the customized furniture industry. However, as a smart salesperson, you should understand one thing: where there are people, there are your prospective customers. How to find prospective customers in small talk! Whole house custom furniture brand Deville

the whole house customized franchised stores of Deville are all over the country. The headquarters in Guangzhou will send business teams to franchised stores all over the country to help dealers. Once, one of the business managers came back to share a little interesting story. He took the train on his way to the northeast. For too long, he began to chat with an old lady sitting next to him in boredom. The old lady is very talkative. She has talked about interesting things in the southeast and northwest all over. Pulling and pulling, our business manager of Deville said that he was a furniture maker and wanted to go to * * there. Well, just in time, the old lady has several houses to be decorated, which are right there. The old lady said on the spot, "look at you, young man, really, leave a phone call, and I'll go to your place to look at the furniture later." Xiaobian forgot whether this business was successful or not! However, this old lady is a prospective customer, and it is also a prospective customer inadvertently developed by the business manager

where there are people, there are sales opportunities. Salespeople should be good at making friends with strangers at first sight, chatting with them enthusiastically, and seizing sales opportunities that are fraught with gossip. Excellent salespeople are living salespeople, and selling is life oriented. In the process of traveling, taking a bus, shopping and so on, they don't miss the opportunity to chat with strangers and get acquainted, and find prospective customers from them and act quickly

the characteristics of the customized furniture industry require that practitioners should give customers a home like experience, and the most excellent salesperson is ready to tap prospective customers anytime and anywhere, which is a necessary quality for salespeople. Prospective customers have four conditions: purchasing power, demand, easy access, decision-making power, and more importantly, never judge people by their appearance

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