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Why can't China's domestic mold enterprises go to the high-end?

with the continuous development of the mold industry, some existing problems are also emerging and becoming more and more serious. For example, Toyota Motor plans to commercialize solid-state lithium batteries in 2022, and the product structure, grade and technical content are not high and rough. Most of these enterprises are labor-intensive small enterprises. With the continuous development of the mold industry, the influence of some original connection temperature on the microstructure and properties of TA2 titanium plate transient liquid phase diffusion connection joints is also emerging, and is becoming more and more serious. There are problems such as low cost of moulds, low level of product structure and technology, and roughness. Most of these enterprises are labor-intensive small enterprises. Such enterprises produce a large number of molds, with low prices, low profits, no technical content, no competitive advantage, and are easy to close down

therefore, if the enterprise wants to operate for a long time, it must carry out drastic reform. The most important thing is to improve the technology. Only by mastering the patented technology can the enterprise have a strong competitive advantage, enter the high-end market and create its own unique brand

now the precision of molds is getting higher and higher. Many enterprises are declining because of their technology. Only many enterprises that constantly innovate and improve their technology can survive. But these surviving enterprises did not get a good development

at present, many domestic mold enterprises have relatively advanced equipment resources, which are technologically advanced and can meet many demanding manufacturing requirements. However, due to the lack of funds or the lack of good establishment of its own brand, it is unable to become a loud brand by itself, just blindly processing and producing for others. Therefore, these enterprises have been hovering at the medium level, unable to move towards the high end

therefore, mold enterprises need to expand the proportion of medium and high-end products, innovate, and create their own brands. The shape film tensile testing machine becomes its own unique model through the controller, makes its own reputation, and occupies the high-end market, so as to ensure that its brand is invincible

technology is the key to development, but there is also a very important problem, that is, environmental protection

with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, China's mold enterprises should pay attention to the importance of circular economy. They should follow the principles of reduction, reuse and recycling to ensure that the production demand is met with the minimum resource consumption and waste discharge, and promote the development of low-carbon economy

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