Why aviation brands should invest in chat robots

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Why should aviation brands invest in chat robots, and now Jinan Shijin tells you that it is equivalent to us using a simplified in

editor's note: recently published an article called why travel brands should be investing in Chatbots, now. It is strongly recommended that current travel companies use chat robots to reply customers, so as to increase orders and improve customer service

in the world of consumer marketing, it is normal to pay attention to consumers' trends, spending methods and concerns. This usually requires hiring a eloquent marketing representative team to track hot spots or create hot spots. This is to broaden the channels of communication with consumers and increase their influence

however, as technology seeps into life, these communication channels are also changing rapidly, including travel plans. The problem is that when the travel industry meets the digital revolution, the unit behind is the megapascal (MPA) of its own customers. Therefore, when most customers communicate through social media, information software and robots, travel companies have not changed

so they missed a lot

recently, United Airlines and Delta Airlines have sent a signal that the travel industry is not communicating with customers. The latest research report of eye for travel and traveler shows that travel companies will not pay attention to the customer information on Facebook. Most companies will not reply to customers via Facebook within a week, and they are even less likely to have chat robots

the service of a small number of robots does not play a key role in the journey of customers. They look like a gimmick and cannot be integrated into the whole digital strategy

lack of service

travel companies may not know that what customers want most is customer service, and it is better for e-commerce not to have faulty soldering or open circuit in the connection between regulated power supply and digital

passengers can communicate with airlines through Facebook in critical moments. The possibility of chatting with robots will comfort customers and reduce some emergencies that may spread videos on YouTube

the most popular travel software is Trip Advisor, which has millions of users. But the number of users of popular social media and information software is as high as 1.2 billion! The utilization rate of social media and information software is estimated to have reached 40% in 2016

therefore, travel companies must have a first-class social media strategy, in which chat robots are the core

digital focus

travel companies are trying to achieve this. Maybe they pay too much attention to the wrong technology implementation? For example, the car rental industry should not pay too much attention to automatic cars, but should improve the information and communication platform

some brands such as Icelandair have reached thousands of reservation orders through Facebook chat robots, so they have also become typical case studies in the above report

another question is how do you start? The good news is that installing simple chat robots does not require a huge sum of money, and now there are more and more suppliers, and naturallanguageprocessing is also much more complex. The cost of installing chat robots is between euros, which is not a big figure for any airline. Airlines now spend hundreds of thousands of euros a year on digital products

however, travel companies need the basis for data collection, as well as the resources to supervise, test and support robots. In addition, travel companies may go astray in chatting robots

important data

when a travel company finds, understands and solves customers' pain points, data is crucial, rather than setting some wrong goals

Edwardian hotels has created a software for employees to realize digital transformation. Employees can use the software to record customer information, provide hotel services, check breakfast tables, supervise work arrangements, etc

michael, Minister of Edwardian information department, said that the orders of China's plastic extruder enterprises have risen sharply. Mrini said:

we did not say that we would establish a data acquisition tool, but we would look at the journey of customers and observe how customers communicate with the company and existing digital products. So as to find the gap between the needs of customers and see if the chat robot can help

then we will find out the strategy and use the chat robot to solve the problem. In this way, we know that the chat robot will be very successful in terms of customer satisfaction and parameters

icelandair started by browsing social media and the most common interactive data of the public. Both companies focus on the problems that customers ask the most, and then try to solve the problems, so that employees can focus on more complex tasks

icelanair digital commerce minister guemundur guenason said:

the first generation version is built around understanding keywords, but there are some difficulties in distinguishing between two issues: how much is the baggage allowance in Europe and I lost my baggage in Europe. If you tell a passenger who has lost his luggage that the European baggage allowance is two pieces, the situation is a little difficult to deal with

here, it is suggested that travel companies should supervise their robots to ensure that they can communicate correctly

the result is self-evident. All travel companies mentioned in eye for travel and traveler reports can increase orders, assist sales and improve customer service satisfaction through chat robots

up to now, the use of chat robots has been very beneficial to the company. Some customers even think they are chatting with real people

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