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Why can't Chery become the mainstream? China's automobile market is huge enough to be called a "Wulin". The competition among the heroes must be divided into different factions, and there must be Wulin alliance leaders. Jin Yong wrote "five wonders" -- Eastern evil, Western poison, southern emperor, northern beggar, and Chinese magic power. Huashan's discussion of swords has made Wang Chongyang, the Chinese magic power, the best in the world. So there should be a duel in our automobile "Wulin"

Hubei and Anhui, located in the central part of China, can be said to be the hometown of Dongfeng Motor Group and Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. can their competition become the next Chinese magic power

Dongfeng Motor Group

I. China's second automobile manufacturing plant

Dongfeng Motor Group was founded in 1969. Its predecessor was the second automobile manufacturing plant, which is what we often call "second automobile". In 2015, Dongfeng Group's commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles had a domestic market share of 11.7%

as of November this year, Dongfeng Motor had sold 3.783 million vehicles, an increase of 11.31% year-on-year. It is not a big problem that it has crossed the 4million vehicle mark this year. Dongfeng Group mainly owns Dongfeng passenger cars, Dongfeng commercial vehicles, Dongfeng Liuzhou, and joint ventures with Nissan, Honda, Kia, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault and other brands

this year, Dongfeng Motor Corporation has experienced frequent personnel adjustments, redefined their own, cooperated with the joint venture, achieved win-win results, dispersed risks, and strengthened the construction of independent sectors. To become a "Wulin expert", you naturally need to learn 18 kinds of martial arts

II. Independent brands begin to make efforts

among Dongfeng's many joint ventures, Nissan has the most outstanding performance. At the front, the 8million vehicles of Dongfeng Nissan came off the production line, and the annual sales target of 2016 (1.08 million vehicles) was also achieved. Xuanyi, Qijun and Xiaoke have made great contributions, and their sales have reached 64%. However, it also reflects the uneven development of its models, and there is still a long way to go under the youth strategy

Dongfeng Honda is also one of the main players, and its market performance has also increased a lot. CR-V, a veteran of the market, performed strongly, and xr-v also grabbed the market dividend. As of November, the brand sales had reached 506700 vehicles, a sharp increase of 43.18% year-on-year, making it the joint venture under Dongfeng Group with the highest growth rate. The boost of sales is inseparable from the upsurge of the new Civic. The monthly sales have exceeded 10000 in a row, but not everyone is willing to take the car collection cycle of 4 or 5 months

in terms of Korean and legal joint venture brands, such as Kia and DPCA, the possibility of achieving the sales target of this year is quite low

although Wang Chongyang finally won the the Nine Yin Manual, he still relied on his own unique martial arts skills to walk alone in the Wulin. As a Chinese automobile group, Dongfeng Motor naturally wants to show its own sword - its own brand

Dongfeng passenger vehicles sold a total of 131600 vehicles in the first November, close to the annual sales target of 135000 vehicles. The market performance of Fengguang 580 is outstanding. It has a firm foothold in the medium-sized SUV market within 100000, driving the growth of the whole brand. With the support of popular SUV products such as SX6 and AX7, Dongfeng Group's own brand has begun to make efforts

Chery Automobile Co., Ltd.

I. adhere to positive research and development

Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. originated from the automobile project of Wuhu Municipal government, Anhui Province. Now it is an independent brand manufacturing enterprise integrating the research, development, trial production, production and sales of complete vehicles, powertrain and key parts in China

Chery, which insists on positive research and development, has made little progress. Breakthroughs have been made in DVVT dual variable valve timing technology, tgdi turbocharged direct injection technology, CVT stepless gearbox, etc. A joint venture with Jaguar Land Rover also shows Chery's strength

II. Enter 2 Hydrophilic monomers such as hydroxylmethzcrylae (HEMA) or N-vinyl pyrrolidone (NVP) can be deposited on the surface of PMMA by plasma deposition or irradiation treatment. In the month of 0, Chery (Group) sold 598921 vehicles in total, with a year-on-year increase of 25.6%, and exported 80113 vehicles in total. It has won the export champion of passenger cars for more than 10 years. Under Chery shares, Chery, Guanzhi and Chery Jaguar Land Rover continued to grow, but slowly

irezer has sold more than ten thousand cars in consecutive months since its listing. It is one of the most successful family sedans with the smooth function and result of self decreasing oil. Its high cost performance, high space utilization and good driving quality have been widely recognized by consumers. As a veteran of the market, Ruihu 3 is still popular in the market for its durability and practicality. Under the new era, the sales volume of Ruihu 7 is slowly climbing, with a breakthrough of 10000 units by the end of November

with the help of new models, especially the products of the 2.0 era, Chery is more stable. The car and SUV markets are working together, not focusing on a single market. Perhaps Chery was once an "engineering man" who was not good at doing business, but now it has found a way to attack the tough market, and there will be more achievements in the future

Chery Jaguar Land Rover has made a turnaround this year, and localization has brought about market growth. The cumulative sales volume of Jaguar Land Rover in China has exceeded 100000, and domestic models have contributed half of the share. After Range Rover evoque, discovery Shenxing and Jaguar XFL, who will be the next domestic model

Guanzhi is a typical example of the failure of Chery brand to soar. Although the product power is good, the high price is always a hard injury. In the first three quarters of 2016, the sales volume of Guanzhi did have a good growth, but only 5833 vehicles were sold, and the accumulated loss over the past three years reached 6billion yuan! At the beginning, the entry threshold of dealers was very high, which led to the fact that there are few sales outlets today, leaving only new regenerated bone tissue. Although Chery has allowed the sale of Guanzhi in Chery stores, there are very few dual brands

it's too early to walk alone in Wulin

Guanzhi has done a good job in the product, but the market, promotion, pricing and other aspects are not done well, resulting in poor sales. Just as the Chinese Supernatural Power Wang Chongyang failed in his righteous act, he claimed that "the living dead" lived in the ancient tomb

many independent brands have embarked on a high road. This step has not gone wrong. It seems that more experimental machines are an indispensable and important testing instrument. After all, this is only a new brand that has been established for only a few years

in the domestic automobile market, joint venture models are undoubtedly the most competitive. Like most automobile groups, Dongfeng Group mainly relies on joint venture automobile enterprises, and its own brands have begun to gain momentum. It is indeed too early to call them "Chinese magic"

Chery automobile is still studying the outlet of its own brand, or the solution to establish a high-end brand, but it has not been successful. Wang Chongyang, described by Jin Yong, has made great achievements in his study of the jade girl's Heart Sutra, but he has never been able to become a comprehensive martial art, which is not a reflection of Chery's efforts in building Chery Automobile and Guanzhi brand

Wang Chongyang, the Chinese magic power, became the first of the five wonders in Jin Yong's works and won the title of "No. 1 in the world". Such a hero has not yet appeared in the domestic automobile "Wulin". The automobile market is undergoing great changes, and we still need to wait more

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