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Why Shenyang Sino German university can be established in Shenyang Vocational and technical college

Abstract: Shenyang, a heavy industrial city with excellent industrial gene inheritance, seizes the golden period of rapid development of advanced manufacturing industry. With the continuous deepening of made in China 2025, it puts forward new requirements for the cultivation of high-end technical talents

in the Sino German (Shenyang) high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park, BMW, KUKA, ZF, Siemens and other world-class enterprises have taken root and developed rapidly. In particular, the BMW factory there has the world's most advanced and environmentally friendly vehicle factory, engine factory and the only R & D center outside Germany, which has become one of the models of Sino German cooperation

Shenyang, a heavy industrial city with excellent industrial gene inheritance, has grasped the golden period of rapid development of advanced manufacturing industry. With the continuous deepening of made in China 2025, it has put forward new requirements for the training of high-end technical and skilled talents

in 2016, Shenyang was approved as a pilot city for the dual cultivation and reform of technical and skilled talents for industrial transformation. The planning of Shenyang Sino German high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park was approved by the State Council as a national strategy. According to the deployment of Shenyang municipal Party committee and government, Shenyang Vocational and Technical College became the leading school for the pilot reform

Shenyang Vocational and technical college has established Shenyang Sino German college. On the basis of introducing German "dual system" training, it explores Shenyang's localization talent training model, so as to "Customize" the training of excellent modern skilled talents in German enterprises and excellent enterprises in the world, and high-end technical talents with "craftsman spirit", so as to make Shenyang a fertile land for the growth of young skilled talents, Provide sufficient talent support and reserves for Shenyang's regional economic development, and attract more world-class enterprises

learn from the German "dual system"

promote the reform of vocational education

on November 28, Shenyang Sino German college was officially inaugurated in Shenyang Vocational and technical college

zhangliming, Secretary of the Party committee of Shenyang Vocational and technical college, said: the municipal Party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to it, allocate 80 mu of teaching land, invest in the construction of Shenyang Sino German college, and will build Sino German buildings, cross enterprise training centers, libraries, etc. As a secondary college of Shenyang Vocational and technical college, Shenyang Sino German college will cultivate urgently needed skilled talents for enterprises according to the needs of German enterprises

with the gradual deepening of German industry 4.0 and made in China 2025, intelligent manufacturing has put forward higher requirements for the cultivation of skilled talents, which has also become a major problem to be solved by world-class enterprises. As early as two years ago, the Shenyang municipal Party committee and government proposed to learn from the German "dual system" training mode, build Shenyang Sino German college, cultivate high skilled talents for enterprises, and promote the reform of vocational education

in order to make the dual mode more in line with the national conditions, more grounded, and create a localized high-end talent training mode suitable for international development, Shenyang Vocational and technical college has established contact with the German Embassy, participated in the German economic and trade delegation negotiation, and invited German dual system education experts to discuss and demonstrate the implementation of the German dual system skilled talent training mode in Shenyang

through a series of research, investigation, discussion, discussion and other activities, in September 2016, Shenyang Sino German college, as the secondary college of Shenyang Vocational and technical college, was officially established. The specialty settings were closely connected with the Sino German equipment Park, the training standards were closely connected with the German Vocational standards, and the teaching model was closely connected with the "work study alternation" of the cross enterprise training center and the enterprise practice base, specifically training high-quality technical and skilled talents

at the beginning of the establishment of Shenyang Sino German jc/t 621 (1) 996 quicklime Institute for silicate building products, after three rounds of comprehensive selection and evaluation of "written questions when clicking the system Exit menu, on-site investigation and cooperation negotiation", as well as the on-site investigation of Markus Guenther, vice president of human resources of BMW Brilliance, the school running philosophy, school running conditions, campus environment, teaching ability The work style and the mental outlook of teachers and students have been highly recognized by BMW Brilliance. The two sides signed the cooperation agreement on China's new vocational education on September 28, 2016 to train high-quality automobile repair employees for BMW Brilliance's final assembly workshop

enter the post upon admission

schools and enterprises work together to cultivate innovative talents

Wang Jiucheng, President of Shenyang Vocational and technical college, said: "according to the requirements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Shenyang Sino German college has transformed and upgraded its service industry, conducted a dual system pilot, trained high-quality skilled talents, and done a good job in the basic work for Sino German cooperation."

in 2016, Shenyang Sino German University selected 60 registered residence in Liaoning Province from the newly enrolled students in the five majors of 2016 level mechatronics technology, automotive electronics technology, electrical automation technology, power supply technology, machinery manufacturing and automation. The whole process of selection was in the charge of Huachen Baoma human resources department

the selection is divided into three steps. The first step is the computer test to investigate students' logical thinking and basic mechanical knowledge. For example, "a heater is placed under the U-shaped pipe, and how the bubbles in the pipe move", etc. This is familiar and strange to freshmen who have just passed the college entrance examination. The second item is the physical fitness test, including 50 meter running, 1-minute rope skipping, throwing solid balls, etc., to investigate the students' physical strength and flexibility. The candidates who successfully enter the third interview should go through two parts: team cooperation and personal interview to investigate the students' team communication, cooperation, logical thinking ability and practical ability

the first batch of 60 students selected from Shenyang Sino German university have the dual identity of apprentice and student. They study in school for one year, practice in the enterprise training center for the second year, and Practice on the enterprise production line for the third year. They can also receive wages. In the college, they are students, focusing on solving the problem of "why do you do this". In enterprises, they are apprentices. Enterprise training can enable apprentices to better master the "how to do" problem

at BMW Brilliance Shenbei training center, we saw that the latest BMW X1 and the newly released BMW 5 series have become the "task" of students' disassembly and assembly. The new instruments, air conditioners and compressors have been disassembled and reassembled by students one by one. "They grow together with the enterprise, even more rapidly. What they have learned here is that the problems they have solved are more cutting-edge and comprehensive. Even the front-line production staff may not meet once every three to five years." A training teacher of BMW class said, "these children have high quality and good personal cultivation. I believe that after one year, they can complete the disassembly and replacement of any parts on the car according to the instructions."

at the training site of Automobile Electromechanical Integration in the training center, the "BMW class" of 20 people was divided into two classes. The small class teaching of 10 people in each class ensured the high-quality learning of each student. Geng Lishi, 20, said, "BMW's teachers are very skilled. After school, the students are constantly discussing all kinds of knowledge about cars. In the future, I have confidence to be an automotive engineer." Zhanghui from Chaoyang also said: "I feel very proud of the moment I put on BMW tooling. Now, my greatest ideal is to work and settle down in Shenyang, because my future career is here."

project-based teaching

strengthen the "double qualified" teaching team

"if a thing breaks down and our students can fix it, they will feel that they can do it. If every time we encounter technical problems, bad products and parts, our students can think calmly and come up with solutions instead of thinking: 'what can I do about this!' the self-confidence of excellent technicians is not built up a little!" Liuyongbo, from Shenyang Sino German University, trained a teacher who was the runner up of the national vocational college skills competition. This vocational school teacher, who started from talking about sensors and turned boring knowledge into a "life", tells the fundamentals of teaching in Shenyang Sino German university

based on the cultivation of highly skilled talents, Shenyang Sino German college designs a professional skill training system according to the spiral progression and skill advancement, systematically plans career development courses, embeds the skill certificate assessment and evaluation system certified by BMW Brilliance and the German government, and decomposes the knowledge, skills and quality required by the German dual system into relevant courses in combination with local conditions, It has realized the integration and connection between professional education standards and vocational qualification standards, enhanced social practicality, and saved the investment of educational resources

Li Jing, vice president of Shenyang Vocational and technical college, introduced that in order to truly meet the needs of enterprises, the college has successively conducted research on 37 enterprises such as BMW Brilliance Automobile Co., Ltd. and Sisi machine tool (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. in the Sino German equipment Park, to understand the latest needs of German enterprises for the knowledge, ability and quality of technical and skilled talents, and to solicit opinions and suggestions on the training mode of high-quality technical and skilled talents, It provides first-hand information for constructing the "dual system" localization characteristic talent training mode, strengthening the construction of "double qualified" teachers and the construction of practice and training bases, and improving the pertinence and effectiveness of talent training

"after the introduction of the German 'dual system', great changes have taken place in the teaching methods and methods of teachers. In the past, students took learning as the main body. Now students spend two-thirds of their time in enterprises and should cultivate their ability to serve their posts." Wupeishan, a young teacher who graduated from power machinery graduate school of Jiangsu University, said, "our major divides the courses into 14 fields, such as electronics, machinery, engine chassis and electrical appliances."

ninghuiying, a senior teacher who is teaching and developing courses with his team colleagues, said: "every course in Shenyang Sino German university needs to be redeveloped. In the past, most of the courses were about principles, and the experiments were also confirmatory. Now, to talk about principles, we should set up a project so that students can learn to use it in discussion and practice, and guide students to develop projects."

unlike in the past, the practical teachers provided by enterprises and the theoretical teachers of vocational schools constitute a "dual system" of powerful teachers. Shenyang Sino German university adheres to the German standard, made in Germany, German model, German professional title and German quality in the construction of teaching staff. The construction of qualified and excellent teaching staff is an important guarantee for the training of dual system talents

up to now, four teachers of Shenyang Sino German college have completed AHK teacher training and examiner training in Germany, and three have gone to Germany to complete vocational education training. In january2017, the college also sent five teachers to participate in the training of industrial robot application engineers organized by Sino German Xinsong technology group and adopting German engineering technology education and teaching methods. According to the dual system teaching requirements, Shenyang Sino German university has formulated a complete teacher training plan

houbomin, President of Shenyang Sino German University, said: in the next step, the university will recruit talents nationwide, including doctors, enterprise engineers and German experts, to further expand the soft power of the University. At present, the college is in contact with AHK, the German Chamber of Commerce and industry, through whom experts in the development of dual system courses and the construction of training conditions are recommended. Treat each customer as our closest friend or family member. "The premise of all our work is to cooperate closely with German enterprises, first of all, meet the talent needs of enterprises and drive the urban industrial upgrading."

employment upon graduation

strong attraction to more foreign enterprises'

the first batch of 60 students of Shenyang Sino German university were selected to enter the "BMW class" after secondary screening in grade 2. They accepted the targeted training of BMW Brilliance, studied the professional orientation course of "Automobile Electromechanical Integration", and became

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