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Why is it that China's artificial intelligence must be in the forefront of the world

In 2018, China led the United States and Japan in the number of artificial intelligence patents (the global proportion of material testing machines includes: metal material testing machines, non-metallic material testing machines, process testing machines, force (torque) measuring machines, balancing machines, vibrating tables, nondestructive testing instruments, functional accessories of testing machines, and experimental equipment and instruments related to the specialty of testing machines). China has become the world's leading country in artificial intelligence patents. (data source: WIPO)

China has published more ml research papers than the United States. A recent analysis by Allen Institute shows that China ranks first in the world in terms of the total number of AI papers, and China also ranks first in the world in terms of AI highly cited papers

China's investment in artificial intelligence is active and growing rapidly. From 2013 to the first half of 2018, China's investment in the field of artificial intelligence was active and grew rapidly. From 2013 to the first half of 2018, China's cumulative financing amount in the field of artificial intelligence accounted for 60% of the world, more than 29% of the United States, ranking first in the world

why can China do this

China has become the world's second largest economy, and is undergoing the second stage of reform, transforming and upgrading from a traditional resource driven development model to an emerging model dominated by independent innovation and science and technology. Artificial intelligence is regarded as a new driving force to promote transformation and upgrading

the platform can easily integrate AI services by building workflows according to business scenarios

driven by new theories and technologies such as mobile Internet, big data, supercomputing, sensing and brain science, the field of artificial intelligence in China is accelerating, showing new features such as in-depth learning, cross-border integration, man-machine collaboration and autonomous control. The continuous support of the three elements of "time", "space" and "quality" has gradually built a systematic, large-scale and industrialized power engine for Chinese artificial intelligence


Internet innovation foundation creates "Ai thinking"

maybe many people don't understand it. China's "timetable" for artificial intelligence exploration has achieved world leadership

in the field of automatic driving, China and the United States are in the first echelon. The United States puts more emphasis on single vehicle intelligence, and their specifications or relevant laws on road testing are more flexible. However, in China, we have the advantage of infrastructure. We can add a lot of equipment on the roadside to improve safety and efficiency

Baidu conducted a demonstration of vehicle road collaboration at "Houchang Village Road"

analysis of Baidu vehicle road collaboration technology

patent data, China has become the country with the largest number of artificial intelligence patent achievements in the world. China ranks first in the world in terms of the total number of papers and the number of highly cited papers, ahead of the United States and Japan

in terms of industrial development, the number of AI enterprises in China ranks second in the world, and Beijing is the city with the largest concentration of AI enterprises in the world

in terms of investment, China's investment and financing in the field of artificial intelligence accounts for 60% of the world, becoming the most "gold sucking" country in the world

it can be seen that at the level of artificial intelligence technology research and development, China's technological achievements are leading and accelerating; At the level of artificial intelligence technology application, China's development is rapidly splitting with "seconds" as the scale

Josh, an engineer from Silicon Valley in the United States, spent only three days to refit autonomous vehicle to run on the road with the help of Apollo 1.0 capabilities.

China's artificial intelligence has made such rapid progress. Thanks to the vigorous development of China's Internet in the past 20 years, people have increasingly realized and understood the innovative benefits brought about by computers and networks. Artificial intelligence is essentially a part of computer science. A large number of entrepreneurs with Internet knowledge and vision Scientists are bound to learn the latest theories and knowledge about artificial intelligence and quickly transform them into technology R & D systems and product manufacturing models that meet the needs of the Chinese market. In addition, the IT Engineer echelon vigorously cultivated in China in recent years also enables the talent framework required for artificial intelligence research and application to be built synchronously


forward looking policies and enterprise innovation promote each other and create a virtuous circle

the "space" explored by China's artificial intelligence also has macro environmental advantages that other countries do not have. China has a huge data source, has long formed strong successful experience in mobilization, concentration and operation of social resources, and has amazing development speed and innovative achievements in the formation of big data, the innovation of theoretical algorithms, the improvement of computing power and the evolution of network facilities

at the same time, policy dividends have been continuously released. In recent years, China has continuously introduced new policies and measures in cultivating artificial intelligence. Under the guidance of forward-looking policies, many enterprises as market players have also accelerated their layout in artificial intelligence

as the first enterprise in China to participate in the research and development of artificial intelligence technology in the process of experiment and application, baidu currently focuses on building a full chain innovation center covering the research, design and service of artificial intelligence products. With Baidu brain, autonomous driving and other self-developed technologies, Baidu has joined with many strategic partners at home and abroad to create an industrial innovation community and comprehensively promote the development of artificial intelligence industry

Baidu gives full play to the basic advantages of artificial intelligence platform and builds an open industry ecology through the country's first open source platform. At present, more than 1.3 million partners use AI technology provided by Baidu to help build software (technology independent research and development, talent training) and hardware (products and equipment) in China's artificial intelligence industry

the "ACE ACE plan" of Baidu intelligent city

ai fundus screening all-in-one machine helps grassroots eye patients find the risk of blindness as soon as possible We have unique advantages in car service and market scale, and these advantages will be further expanded to support the industrialization and scientific and technological development of China's artificial intelligence. A good policy environment can activate more market resources to participate in the innovation and Entrepreneurship of artificial intelligence, and the market innovation represented by enterprises continues to bear fruit, which provides a full basis for the country to formulate more ambitious development goals. Forward looking policies and enterprise innovation promote each other, forming a virtuous circle

pay tribute to invisible model workers in all walks of life by AI

Baidu founder Robin Lee once mentioned that his birthplace is Yangquan, Shanxi, "Compared with San Francisco in the United States, (Yangquan) is 1.6 times as big. When we have enough data, scenarios, talents, funds and developed infrastructure, many innovations will first appear in China. Therefore, China should make full use of its advantages and push forward innovation. These innovations can be used not only by China, but also by the world."

Beijing Haidian Park joins hands with Baidu to build the world's first AI Park

application of Baidu AI Cloud technology on muck trucks

China can, and China will also help the world can


"openness + cooperation" will stimulate a stronger "particle effect"

"openness + cooperation" is the main driving force for the rise of China's Internet in the past 20 years

China's ability to become an Internet power in the world and even the world's leading position in e-commerce, information search, sharing economy, mobile payment and so on lies in adhering to industrial coordination, resource sharing and complementary advantages

there is a basic concept in physics called "particle". When the shape and size of the object itself are not considered, and the mass is regarded as concentrated at one point, this object is regarded as "particle"

the idealized model of "particle" (the picture is from Baidu Encyclopedia)

the "particle" of artificial intelligence is to build an incubation platform to continuously expand the open extension and enhance the cooperation through exploration similar to Baidu PaddlePaddle, so that all partners can learn the latest cutting-edge knowledge, obtain the latest technical achievements at low cost and high efficiency, and liberate repetitive primary R & D and other investment, So as to release more funds, energy and time for higher-level artificial intelligence technology, product R & D and manufacturing activities

"openness + cooperation" is also the direction of Baidu's AI platform strategy. In the list of partners using the Baidu PaddlePaddle in-depth learning platform, we can see top domestic universities such as the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of science and technology of China, well-known enterprises and institutions in various industries such as China CITIC Bank, China Unicom and China Southern Power, as well as unicorns in the vertical field of artificial intelligence in China such as the Cambrian, super large information and communication technology enterprises such as Huawei, and world technology giants such as Intel

through an AI open platform like Baidu brain, a stronger connection between people and technology, technology and technology, and technology and enterprises can be formed; Through the introduction of global high-quality resources in the field of automatic driving in the Apollo program, data sharing, technology sharing, market sharing and service sharing are realized; Finally, it will converge into a powerful "particle effect" of China's artificial intelligence. So as to strengthen the concentrated efforts in key fields and open up a pioneering situation in China's artificial intelligence technology research and development and industrial operation

characterization of metal mechanical properties

aerial photography of unmanned fleet

Baidu Apollo road test fleet

at this year's China International Intelligence Expo, Robin Lee said that to promote the solid penetration of artificial intelligence, the industry should make full use of open source and open platforms

he believes that enterprises should not repeat "building wheels", but should rely on the technology accumulation of open and open source platforms to enable themselves to achieve innovation with the help of artificial intelligence technology dividends as soon as possible. "For the vast majority of enterprises, the most important thing is how to take the lead in embracing AI under the general trend of the times, become a successful AI technology applicator, make themselves AI as soon as possible, win at the starting line, and provide power for future development with extremely light weight."

the success or failure of the development of artificial intelligence industry is related to China's attitude towards a new round of technological revolution. The "key point" for the better development of China's artificial intelligence industry is the unprecedented openness, which has pushed China's artificial intelligence system to a creative economy stage based on human creativity and multiplied by technology and other resource opening platforms

the industry and technology foundation laid in the Internet era, the attention and all-round support of the state, the wisdom and actions of enterprises to boldly break through the traditional development boundary and achieve a high degree of coordination and openness are the four key points to create artificial intelligence "China time"

only unswerving, comprehensive, lasting and in-depth innovation can lay a foundation for the prosperity of China's artificial intelligence industry, and the search for artificial intelligence will also lay a foundation for the future of China's economy and society to a great extent


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