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Why do paint dealers always complain about being cheated by paint enterprises?

why do paint dealers always complain about being cheated by paint enterprises?

September 30, 2005

more than 10000 paint manufacturers in China have registered, of which there are certainly more paint brands than enterprises, but the annual output of paint enterprises in China is less than 3% of the total number of paint enterprises. Every prefecture level city in China has hundreds of paint dealers, who operate tens of thousands of brand paint products. At first, the paint dealers were dazzled by the promises of many preferential policies made by the paint enterprises and salespeople. The business ideas of the dealers were completely led by the manufacturers, but the final results were negligible

in the recent three years, the two glass curtain wall engineering quality inspection standards jgj/t 139 ⑵ 001, paint dealers have been tossed half to death by various messy marketing strategies of the manufacturer, such as the press conference of apportioning expenses, and the participation of principals and painters of various construction companies. However, these people came to the meeting and took gifts. After eating the banquet, they wiped their mouths, leaving few people loyal to doing business; The richly decorated franchised stores cost more than half of the dealers' capital investment, and their sales performance is not as good as those ordinary paint business departments, especially those like warehouses. What's more serious is that the dealers want some product data and samples. The manufacturer seems that these data are more valuable than gold, but is unwilling to send them to the dealers. What makes the dealers even more angry is that after the dealers paid for the goods and ordered them from the manufacturer, no one from the manufacturer came to the dealer for assistance and support for a year and a half, let alone to ask the manufacturer for help when there are problems with the products, When it comes to compensation for product quality problems, the dealers should not be called every day. Jinan Huaheng Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce the specific function of the electronic universal experimental machine. All previous commitments of the manufacturer have been turned into a foam. More than half of the Chinese paint dealers have been numb to the management thinking of the paint enterprises, but they are longing for another new vitality

the author set foot in the coating industry in 1999, and repeatedly created sales achievements for the enterprise by means of new, unique and special positioning means. He has successively served as the marketing director of a large coating enterprise such as a coating group in Guangdong. He also has similar common problems with these large coating enterprises, and I am quite disgusted with this practice. Here, I will provide my personal strategies to dealers nationwide to deal with these renegade Enterprises:

1. Incorporate various commitments of the manufacturer into the legal contract text

2. When signing the contract, the monthly sales volume set by the manufacturer must be * * * million, which must be written into the contract

3. For product promotional materials and samples, it must be clear that the manufacturer will deliver according to the percentage of the order quantity

4. For transportation, it is required to specify the number of working days for delivery in the contract

5. Product quality improves the interaction between Port Industrial Park and port. Problems must be inspected by the national quality inspection department rather than the manufacturer's quality inspection department

6. The manufacturer must send people to the dealer at least once a month to assist the dealer in work and training

7. The advertising investment must be clearly indicated in the contract

8. In case of serious quality problems in the project, the manufacturer must specify the number of working days to deal with them at the dealer

9. Be careful of the manufacturer's revocation of the dealer's agency right in every clause

10. The manufacturer is required to have a marketing plan to guide the dealers' operation and marketing every year

11. When you choose to arrive at a coating enterprise, you should first go to the 222pvc plastic window station of the enterprise. If the station is simple and does not show the factory building of the enterprise, you'd better not go there. Such an enterprise can't even do well in its own image. How can you help the dealer do a good job in the market

12. Products with poor packaging image, no environmental label certification certificate and national quality inspection report should be ignored

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