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Guangzhou Petrochemical polyolefin products are exported to the North American market

in May, Guangzhou Petrochemical polyethylene unit took advantage of the favorable opportunity of low ethylene tank storage to withdraw from condensate production, and customized 1000 tons of high value-added polyethylene resin dnda2020 for Tupperware (China), a world-famous household goods brand. Household goods made of this batch of products will be exported to the North American market

the technicians optimized the operation parameters such as clamps, pins, etc. coated with anti rust oil through tightening experiments in the production process, and solved the problems such as temperature fluctuations, powder resin sticking, black particles easy to appear in the granulation process. Before ensuring that the resin is not sticky and the granulation function is normal, the product density should be reduced as much as possible to meet the special needs of target customers

in view of the unfavorable factors such as the small scale and old plant of Guangzhou petrochemical ethylene, Guangzhou Petrochemical is not more sophisticated than the scale. Guided by the market and benefits, it increases the production of high value-added products such as new products and special materials. In this month, the proportion of special materials for polyolefins reached 33.62%, and the output of new products increased by 39.28% year-on-year. In the past three years, Guangzhou Petrochemical has launched more than 10 new products in a row. Among them, high melt index low density polyethylene dnda2020 not only replaces similar imported materials, but also realizes batch export. The products are sold to Tupperware's branches in South Korea, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia and other companies, becoming the first soft plastic exported by Sinopec system. Let's take a look at it

the price of dnda2020 products is 800 yuan higher than that of ordinary products per ton, the cost is almost the same as that of ordinary products, and the economic benefit is very significant

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