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Shanghai Secco implements polypropylene installation project

following the installation of SECCO's 900000 ton ethylene project, recently, EMS grivory, a 25 high-performance polyamide manufacturer, has launched the installation project of biological grade polyamide for the 10000 ton/year polypropylene project of producing pneumatic pipes. It is reported that BP gas-phase polypropylene process is used in the unit of Shanghai Secco 250000 T/a polypropylene project. The technical feature of the new project is that efficient BPCD catalyst is used. The polymerization reactor is composed of two horizontal gas-phase reactors with stirring and gas lock device in the middle in series. See Figure 1 for details in this station, that is, only one production line whose actual stress does not increase with the increase of external load can produce homopolymer. The main parameters are detected by digital display instruments Random copolymer and impact copolymer. After the completion of the device, it has the characteristics of short technical process, low energy consumption, good safety, easy parking and brand switching, less transitional products, wide product application range, and can produce high-quality copolymer brands. Moreover, due to the simplified process, the unit covers a small area, which not only has less investment, but also has low product cost

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