The hottest polyolefin shrink film production unit

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The polyolefin shrink film production plant was completed and put into operation

Nanjing Yanggang special packaging materials Co., Ltd., which was jointly invested by Nanjing Yangzi Petrochemical real 2 carbon oxide plastic mystery Industry Corporation and Hong Kong Jinghao Co., Ltd., introduced Italian polyolefin shrink film production plant and German film cutting equipment. Secondly, after more than a year of preparation and construction, At present, a successful start-up and production of qualified heat shrinkable film products

Nanjing Yanggang special packaging materials Co., Ltd. takes high and new technology as the leading factor, vigorously advocates the new concept of green and healthy packaging, introduces Italian polyolefin heat shrinkable film production equipment and German film slitting equipment, adopts tube mold three-layer coextrusion process, and adopts high-quality raw materials to produce environment-friendly polyolefin heat shrinkable packaging film widely promoted and used in the international market. It can produce three categories of products with more than 9 brands, and is one of the largest heat shrinkable film manufacturers in China at present. This kind of enthusiasm not only comes from the entrepreneurs' daily management of various projects, but also focuses on the establishment of advanced ERP resource management system, the establishment of ISO9002 quality management system, and the strict on-site location management. The product quality meets the ISO9002 standard, creating better economic and social benefits

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