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Polypropylene futures contract appeared at the plastic conference

the contract month and trading unit are consistent with LLDPE and PVC (6635,25.00,0.38%) contracts

the polypropylene (PP) futures contract, which has been approved, made its debut at the 2013 China Plastics (10540155.00,1.49%) Industry Conference on the 5th. The contract takes narrow-band polypropylene with the largest consumption as the trading target, with a trading unit of 5 tons/hand and a minimum change price of 5 yuan/ton

the price of polypropylene is closely related to the price trend of crude oil, propylene and other energy, and there are many factors affecting the relationship between supply and demand. In addition, as narrow-band polypropylene is mainly used to produce packaging woven bags for industrial and agricultural products, affected by industrial economic cycle, weather, natural disasters and other factors, the price fluctuation during the year is relatively intense, and the fluctuation frequency is much higher than that of other resin varieties

according to the relevant person in charge of Dachang Institute, the price of polypropylene once fell below 5000 yuan/ton in December 2001, and rose to about 16800 yuan/ton in June 2008, with the price more than tripled. Even in ordinary years, the price fluctuation of polypropylene is mostly more than 20%. Industrial customers are facing great risk of price fluctuation, and the voice for listing polypropylene futures is getting higher and higher

it is reported that the domestic narrow-band polypropylene market has a moderate scale and is relatively suitable for futures trading. In 2012, the consumption of narrow-band polypropylene in China was about 5.944 million tons, with a total value of about 66.5 billion yuan based on the monthly average price of 11200 yuan/ton

the delivery areas of polypropylene futures will be distributed in Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Changzhou, Guangzhou. This year, the demand for polymers in Europe will fall again by 3% - 4% The decline in demand for polymers also illustrates the changes that are taking place in the market. Consumer distribution centers such as Weifang and Linyi. The above regions are all net inflow regions of polypropylene, with more representative prices, and most of them are delivery regions of LLDPE, PVC and other varieties, with relatively perfect logistics facilities. Among them, polypropylene price changes in cities in East China such as Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou and Changzhou often lead price changes in other regions, and will be used as benchmark delivery places

in view of the annual production and continuous consumption of propylene with thermal conductivity less than 0.033w/(m*k) prepared by poly, the exchange has set up 12 contract months for polypropylene futures month by month, and implemented the warehouse receipt system of centralized cancellation in March every year. The contract months of polypropylene futures are the same as those of LLDPE, PVC and PTA (7992,48.00,0.60%) that have been listed, which facilitates investors to arbitrage among varieties. At the same time, the minimum change price of 5 yuan/ton and the trading unit of 5 tons/hand are also consistent with LLDPE, PVC and other varieties

the relevant person in charge of the Dachang exchange said that in the next step, the exchange will carry out a series of market opinion and suggestion solicitation activities, and will strive to list as soon as possible after the contract is approved

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