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PolyOne will show advanced technology and environmental protection solutions on Chinaplas 2011, "making innovation possible"

Cleveland, USA - March 30, 2011 - the world's leading special polymer materials PolyOne (NYSE: POL), a service and solution provider, will launch several major innovations at the 2011 China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition (may, Guangzhou, booth: 11.2/j41)

"in 2011, chinapla is in line with the industrial direction s, we will focus on our breakthrough polymer solutions, which are designed to help customers innovate continuously, launch differentiated products, improve operations and provide them with significant competitive advantages," said Dr. Qian Weili, President of PolyOne Asia

PolyOne will show high-performance solutions that can help customers innovate, win new businesses and improve business efficiency, including:

· stat tech CNT carbon nanotube materials used in the electronic industry

breakthrough resin formula. When clearing, electromechanical and electrical equipment should not be affected by moisture, and the perfect combination of advanced carbon nanotube technology is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the electronic industry, which can be widely used in data storage media Integrated circuit packaging and semiconductor components. This new solution can provide stable electrostatic discharge (ESD) and high purity without affecting mechanical performance, which helps customers improve profitability, shorten processing time, and improve overall production cost efficiency

· oncolor complete color oil solution

this innovative and environmentally friendly color oil system can help processors and OEMs reduce total operating costs, eliminate waste, enhance employee safety and reduce environmental impact. The system is the first to organically combine metering technology with refillable and recyclable containers and advanced color oil technology in the same system to realize the circulation process

· onflex halogen-free flame retardant non phthalate thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)

processors and OEMs can use GLS onflex HFFR halogen-free thermoplastic elastomer for wires and cables to achieve sustainability goals and enhance the attractiveness of their products to consumers. The material has excellent appearance and feel, and does not contain plasticizers, enabling manufacturers to respond to consumer demand for environmentally friendly products. This material can be used in cable sheath, insulation layer, connector and other product applications

· eccoh solar-t low smoke zero halogen (lsfoh) flame retardant materials, additives and color masterbatch solutions for the photovoltaic industry

a full range of Color Masterbatch, additives and flame retardant materials solutions enable customers to quickly pass TV certification, shorten the R & D cycle and speed up the market. These solutions meet or exceed the performance, weather resistance and regulatory requirements for photovoltaic modules such as solar cell backplane materials and TV wires. The available solutions include oncolor solar Color Masterbatch, SmartBatch solar functional color masterbatch, eccoh solar-t low smoke halogen-free (lsfoh) flame retardant sheath and insulating material, oncap solar dry silane dry silicon cross-linked cable masterbatch. In addition, PolyOne can also provide a full range of solutions for photovoltaic cables to help customers accelerate the launch of new products

Dr. Qian Weili also said, "in addition to introducing these new solutions, we also hope to work with the audience of Chinaplas to share the compatibility of PVC resin and wood flour interface, so as to enjoy our company's specialization and globalization process and the confidence to accelerate growth in Asia."

about PolyOne

PolyOne is a world leading supplier of special polymer materials, services and solutions, with sales of $2.6 billion in 2010. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, the United States, the company has operations all over the world. For more information about PolyOne, please visit

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