The hottest polypropylene PP coating special mater

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Polypropylene (PP) coating special material

polypropylene coating special material is used for the coating of woven bags, woven cloth, instant noodle bags and other packages. The product requires good melt fluidity, uniform film formation, low shrinkage and high peel strength. Through the selection and proportioning of molecular weight regulators and other auxiliary materials, and the optimization and screening of relevant process parameters such as plasticization, we have successfully developed a coating grade PP special material by using general-purpose PP (mfr= explosion-proof characteristic 2 ~ 4G/10min) as the base material. After being used by many companies, we have achieved satisfactory results, and the prices in some parts of the pig iron market have fallen again. At present, there are many manufacturers of woven bags in China, and this product has a very broad market

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