The hottest robot is the core of the new industria

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Robot - the core of the new industrial revolution

on April 8, 2013, CCTV's "economic half an hour" specially planned robot's work was officially broadcast on CCTV 2. This program takes the current situation of China's robot industry as the background, and comprehensively interprets the main performance of a new industrial revolution with robot as the core from an objective perspective: in the loading process

the program starts with the main line of a factory in the south, which realizes the doubling of production efficiency by introducing industrial robots to replace traditional workers. By comparing the advantages of robots with ordinary workers in production efficiency, input-output ratio, ensuring product quality and so on, it analyzes in detail the potential development opportunities brought by the use of robots by enterprises

in order to better reflect the development of China's robot industry if the color difference is not big, the program team came to Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd., China's largest robot industrialization base. As the godfather of China's industrial machinery industry, let's learn about the application of robots. Qu Daokui, President of Xinsong company, predicted that China's robot market should leave the blowout development and is coming soon. He summed up the three bases for China's robot blowout. 1 China is the world's largest industrial producer, and he is hopeful that the market has a huge demand for robots. 2. With the rapid rise of labor prices in China, enterprises have to use robots to reduce costs. 3. Chinese robots have almost zero start and have great growth potential in the future. Promote the research and development of core products with market demand and technology accumulation, and drive the industry demand with the demonstration effect of typical customers. Today, when the production mode of Chinese enterprises is in urgent need of change, the unique promotion strategy of Xinsong's products has additional effects

robots bring not only technological changes in an extremely simple production mode, but also an important guarantee for the continuous improvement of human quality of life. I believe that one day, when robots truly enter factory production and people's daily life, we with the help of robots will make more brilliant achievements

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